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  1. Jeneki


    Not my favorite Raiden but still a great game. If it's just new music I may pass on this, but I've got plenty of time to think about it.
  2. Jeneki

    MISTer FPGA?

    I should probably give Gunforce 1 another chance. I played the shit out of the sequel but the original never clicked with me.
  3. Jeneki

    Evercade thread

    I think the main selling point is licensed games, on affordable carts that come in a nice case with a color manual. Compare anything else to MIster or your emulation solution of choice, and you're just going to go back to that.
  4. Jeneki

    New Cotton coming to PC, PS4, Switch

    Interesting how the pc version retains the original name Rock 'n' Roll, while the console version was localized to Fantasy.
  5. Jeneki

    Evercade thread

    Most of the listings for Evercade stuff on Amazon are third-party sellers, I've had terrible luck there. These days I'll only use Funstock.
  6. Jeneki

    Any Valis MD Fans In Da House? MD Collection Coming in 2023

    There's also an Evercade cartridge with a couple Valis games, Renovation Collection 1. Not my favorite series, but I played through the PC-Engine ones back in the day.
  7. Jeneki

    SOTM October 2022 Voting

    Heck yeah, Brave Blade represent! Battleaxe shaped spaceship, that changes into a robot swinging an axe, lol. I can see why people wouldn't like it though. Medal juggling is going to rub some the wrong way, thankfully the way this game implements it bothers me way less than it does in...
  8. Jeneki

    Gradius III (SNES) slowdown elemination patch & mod

    I don't recall Axelay being particularly heavy on slowdown, but it has been a while. Checking some videos quick I don't really see much. Is there a similar patch for Super R-Type? Now that game gets nuts with the slowdown.
  9. Jeneki

    Arcade 1cc thread

    Excellent Engrish! Go play anything else! lol Ark Area (UPL 1987) PS4 Arcade Archives version. Weird arena-style shmup that probably nobody cares about. It poops out 1ups quite often, so not too hard to clear.
  10. Jeneki

    Arcade 1cc thread

    Got to loop 9 in Ben Bero Beh (Taito 1984), a game no one in their right mind should recognize. You're some kind of superhero firefighter and lots of weird things happen. Odd but fun and addicting. 80s Taito has a lot of cool stuff. Got #1 score on the PS4 Arcade Archives hi score leaderboard:
  11. Jeneki

    Horrible MAMEcabs

    Gore warning:
  12. Jeneki

    SOTM February 2020: Muchi Muchi Pork and Aero Fighters 2 (Neo Geo)

    Jeneki - 827,200 - Frying Over a Jungle (Dolphin) - Stage 9 - MVS Since Aero Fighters 2 is on sale PSN, I was taking a look. I was about to write up a warning about the slowdown being way off and it being a harder version, however it looks like it got patched just today and is now fixed. But...
  13. Jeneki

    SotM Jan 2020: Castle Shikigami 2

    Galford is in this game? Jeneki - 681,400,650 - 3-1 - PS2
  14. Jeneki

    Arcade 1cc thread

    A couple recent ones, via PS4 arcade archives: Moon Patrol, 2 loops The loops go Beginner -> Champion -> Champion 2. I think it just keeps repeating champion and adding a digit after the second loop. This is probably the oldest game I've studied up on (1982). Contra Like Ikari Warriors...
  15. Jeneki

    SotM April: Crimzon Clover

    We need at least one score to make this topic official. :) Crimzon Clover World Ignition - Arcade Original Jeneki - 106,899,905,210 - Stage 3 - TypeII I like how this game has GigaWing score digit coloring.
  16. Jeneki

    SotM April: Crimzon Clover

    I'm assuming most people will play World Ignition as it's the easiest to get. If someone submits scores for one of the other versions I'll add a leaderboard. Game info: Crimzon Clover: World Ignition Novice Original NAME - SCORE -...
  17. Jeneki

    SOTM April: voting

    Caladrius Blaze - blow up your waifu. Crimzon Clover - my god, it's full of stars. Danmaku Unlimited 3 - second one was cool so I need an excuse to buy this. Prehistoric Isle - for those who bought the SNK 40th collection. Hydline - because fuck you shmups suck.
  18. Jeneki

    Arcade 1cc thread

    Ikari Warriors (PS4 Arcade Archives)
  19. Jeneki

    What are your favorite shoot em ups?

    Twin Hawk has awesome artwork too.
  20. Jeneki

    Random game February: Top Hunter!

    EGM says this game is easy and requires little brain power. Sounds like it should be a quick 1cc right?