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  1. Lach

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    @AppleiDog, literally burnt that laser out lol
  2. Lach

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    I didn't get a DC until about 2004. I remember using the dial up modem to my glee at the time.
  3. Lach

    I received today...

    The sound input jack is notorious for being easily broken off or damaged. The design is shit and the jack should have been mounted flush with the panel it is mounted on. Future project maybe? On my Orange there is a spare hole in the metal plate where the power,test and service switches are...
  4. Lach

    Does this mean my Neo geo is toast?

    That's it you have to burn it now.
  5. Lach

    Xbox 360 wifi

    Tried another AP? See if it connects to your phone hotspot.
  6. Lach

    Considering buying this Akira Production Cel !

    Animation cells, figurines, badges, whatever it's all bullshit rubbish. If it's more than $10 you're being stooged hard.
  7. Lach

    Real ID Delay

    What is this exactly? A federally overseen and certified ID as opposed to the state?
  8. Lach

    Got laid off...less than a month before xmas

    Could think of worse things to get on NYD though!! Fucking sucks hard getting layed off at such a pincher part of the year so I hope you get back to it somewhere else. Fuck big companies and their bullshit.
  9. Lach

    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

    :( at least we got into the group of 16.
  10. Lach

    Best lever for shmups?

    I had Sanwa JLF's in the vewlix but stock they're just so loose. Got Seimitsu LS32's going at the moment with regular square gate, can't play fighters for shit on it though but that ain't saying much. I did get a set of LS-56's but they felt shit.
  11. Lach

    King of Fighters letterman jacket from Starter

    I could imagine you wearing that.
  12. Lach

    King of Fighters letterman jacket from Starter

    Pretty cool but like all video game/anime themed clothing it looks better on the rack.
  13. Lach

    What anime are you watching?

    I'm gonna forget that some of you are evangelion haters but then again I was 13 when I watched it and it dug in deep. EoE I thought was a great fuck you send off. The rebuilds are O.K. I haven't seen the final film yet but 3.0 was underwhelming, 2.0 would have to be the best out of the first...
  14. Lach

    X68k Mini

  15. Lach

    X68k Mini

    $500 before shipping! You're mostly paying for the design. The guts of the thing are a decade old.
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    Man ford is gettin too old fo dat shiet
  18. Lach

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    Should it though
  19. Lach

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    One of lifes many pointless questions
  20. Lach

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    Why does joe state the blindingly obvious