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    Does this mean my Neo geo is toast?

    Bought a cart off eBay listed as not working. Placed it in my analogue cmvs. Got garbled graphics and sound. Cleaned the cart and tried it again. Got the image below. Now this is all I get with working carts or no carts. Did this cart blow something?
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    WTB: Alien vs Predator CPS2 Blue (USA) B board

    Any out there?
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    Start button acts as a start+coin1

    The Bog Red I recently acquired was wired for Jamma. I fixed most of the wiring such as adding the select and stereo sound but I cannot figure out why start is acting as coin as well. This makes the in-game menu pop up when I try to start a game. Any ideas? Thanks T
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    Can’t get stereo sound on 4 slot.

    Hi all, I think I have wired the pinout correctly but I still only get mono. I have right speaker + in 10, left speaker + in L (or 10 solder side) and both speaker - twisted together and running to 28 part side which is a ground. When I run the sound test Rifht plays in both speakers. No left at...
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    MV1C dual positive for battery

    How do I wire up a super capacitor to this terminal with 2 positive leads? Do I jump the 2 positives? The battery it came with was just on the 2 positive leads. How did that work? Thanks.
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    Japanese pow3 AES

    Hello experts, What is the recommended PSU for this version of the AES? Is there an equivalent on Amazon? And is a step down transformer recommended? Thanks.
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    Steodown transformers yay or nay?

    Hi all, Just got a cap on impress. Been doing some reading and I se people using step down transformers. Is this something I need running a Japanese cabinet in the US or is this an EU thing?
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    Timeharvest cbox stuck in arcade protect.

    Hi guys, Got a timeharvest cbox from AliExpress. I put it in arcade protest messing around. I cannot get it out of this mode since it will not let you in to the bios. I read that you can set dip 1 on the board but the geniuses at timeharvest removed the hard dips. Also there was mention of a...
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    Analogue mvs VMC works spordically

    Hi all, Kinda new to the scene so be gentle. My analogue mvs’ VMC does not work most of the time. It will work rarely if I put in a fresh cart and will continue to work until I remove the cart or bump the cart. Any idea what could cause this? It is a Univision 3.2. I wouldn’t mind actually...