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  1. Lach

    Nam-1975 high res poster?

    I'd like to print this out but I'm hoping someone has a much higher resolution image available?
  2. Lach

    Japangameonline MVS converter - No sound

    One of these JapanGameOnline MVS converters (Fusion clone) has graced my presence and presents zero sound with the following carts: Metal Slug Metal Slug 3 KOF'99 Neo Turf Masters I'm testing this on a Unibios 4.0 3-6 AES (9V 3A supply) and the jukebox option displays 'error starting jukebox'...
  3. Lach


    We ain't getting those sigs back, no videos, no music... So here's the next best thing, I'll start! Hopefully you find your Mauro - Ciao Ciao here!
  4. Lach

    WTB: NAM-1975 AES *found*

    Looking for the above, preferably JP non carton but will settle for US. Not looking to pay US$200 like some people seem to think it's worth. eBay and YAJ are a bad reference I hope...:eek: edit: found, offsite commerce, $150usd plastic case JP copy
  5. Lach

    Reinstatement of signatures

    I hereby petition, in the strongest possible manner, the reinstatement of signatures on this forum. In these dark days of self isolation and with our fellow brethren finding a great deal of solace in these here forums I feel it is essential. I will give one good example of what the people...
  6. Lach

    Oh no...

    The disappointment..... :lolz:
  7. Lach


    Excuse me but it would be greatly appreciated if the monument of bouncing tits would be in the center of my vision, y'know in the center of the fucking page's footer? The shit we have to deal with around here!
  8. Lach

    ESP Ra.De. PS4 / Switch

    Anyone else interested in picking this one up?
  9. Lach


    Hey everyone, Prices in USD and include shipping worldwide express with tracking. Don't like the price? I'm open to offers. NEOSD MVS - $350 - *SOLD* Comes with 16GB SD card loaded with entire romset, receipts and user manual. Puzzle bobble kit box. Hasn't had much use, probably loaded...
  10. Lach

    FS: Nanao MS-2931 Chassis *UNTESTED* -- SOLD

    Hey everyone, SOLD $220 shipped to Wataru330. Nanao MS-2931 chassis with video/power cables and remote board (with cable) for sale. It looks to be very clean and there is no 'black goop of death' from the A1 component. It is however untested and I have no idea if it actually works! I...
  11. Lach

    Detroit : Become Human - Anyone on this one?

    The missus and I have been playing our way through this one since launch and it's pretty damn good! I played Heavy Rain and thought that was good but this is exceeding my expectations with what is essentially an interactive movie. Definitely worth a go if you like this kind of game...
  12. Lach


    Looking for a GDEMU or GDROM-USB device. Not looking to pay $500 for one like I see on ebay, is that a crazy request? EDIT: Thanks goes to 100proof for hooking me up. :glee:
  13. Lach

    China scrapping term limits, thoughts?

    So this isn't really a surprise but I thought I'd bring it up, maybe Lonesage can give us some insight from being on the ground there. I myself am looking forward to having a chinese dictator for a leader because we all know Australia will be the first to fall and Trump ain't coming to our...
  14. Lach

    Offline copy of dead monitor resource site

    This is a long shot but has anyone by chance downloaded the site for It was a huge resource on the Nanao MS-2930-S and it's listed on the arcade otaku wiki for that monitor. Unfortunately I think the hosting has run out for it and it's not even cached...
  15. Lach

    WTB: Nanao MS-2932/34 31khz chassis

    Would rather a 2930/1/3 chassis but 2932/4 are more common and I'm only sourcing as a backup to my old 2930. Let me know if you have a working one.
  16. Lach

    PS3 HDMI to VGA -> MS2930 testing (pic heavy) Super Neo 29 Candy

    Purchased a $7.00 HDMI to VGA adapter, one that includes an active chipset powered via the HDMI output. Thought I'd post a ton of photos of various PS3/PS2 titles for anyone interested in the display quality via VGA on a Nanao MS-2930 monitor. UltraSF4 is absolutely perfect 4:3 480p, KOFXIII...
  17. Lach

    'this thread is for lonesage to view japan pics' cheers mate

    So I went to Japan and snapped some pics... Somewhere in the Imperial Palace park areas. Couple shots from Akihabara View from atop the Tokyo Metropolitan government building! When in Japan do as the Japanese do! *cough* Takeshita Street... super packed. Shinjuku by dusk...
  18. Lach

    Trump has a new game!

  19. Lach

    Post a pic from your front door

    Got to love summer rains, today I had a lakefront view!
  20. Lach

    What to do with a dead Nanao MS-2930 chassis

    So I bought a second MS-2930 chassis years back as a backup but never actually got around to testing it. I swapped it over just recently and all I got was a loud click and then nothing. No neck glow, not a damn thing. What is there to do? I can remove the flyback but I am assuming that with...