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  1. BobbyPeru

    FS - Xbox 360 Jamma Box

  2. BobbyPeru

    CFW PSP GO, XBOX360 Jamma Box, Digidesign MBox2

    Hey there, I have a few things to sell. PSP Go with cutsom firmware. $60 shipped. Xbox360 Jamma Box. $100.00 shipped Digidesign Mbox2. $110 shipped Packages wil go out next day in Canada via Canada Post. US orders will go out on Saturday via USPS Priority from Michigan.
  3. BobbyPeru

    Jamma box to play your Xbox 360 in your Jamma Cab

    Hey there, I bought this on the forums a long time ago. Use it to play your Xbox360 in your Jamma cab. Has jamme connector, usb for controls, brightness knob, and button. Works great. Be sure your Xbox is outputting the correct resolution. asking $150 shipped in USA, or $160 shipped in...
  4. BobbyPeru

    FS - 2 Kits - KoF 01 and 03 *SOLD*

    Full Kits in good condition. $55 each shipped USPS in US or $60 shipped Canada Post in Canada. Will ship next day in Canada, or Tuesday/Saturday for US. **SOLD**
  5. BobbyPeru

    Sega Astro City for sale in Ontario, Canada

    Checking interest in my Astro City cab. I ordered this from Ken at the Game Room a few years ago, had it shipped to Michigan, picked it up and carried back across the border to Canada. It's in good shape, with decent wiring and a good monitor. It has a 2 lever, 6 button repro panel. I'm...
  6. BobbyPeru

    King of Kung-fu multicart SOLD

    I have one KKF 200 in 1 cart for sale. Here's a link to the product page to answer any of your questions about function and games list. The item is in great working and physical condition. I can verify that you can access the file...
  7. BobbyPeru

    Anyone going to see the Melvins in Michigan or Ohio willing to pick me up some records?

    I'm not going to be able to make the show in Detroit I wanted to see, and was wondering if anyone is going and can pick me up a record? Long shot I know. Feel free to talk about the melvins instead:drool:
  8. BobbyPeru

    Anybody else use e-cigs / personal vaporizers?

    I smoked my last cigarette about a month ago, and have been vaping ever since. The transition has been absolutely painless. I'd love to get a chat going with other vapers, or could help you make the move yourself from smoking to vaping. Google around about the health and cost benefits if...
  9. BobbyPeru

    Handheld Console Sale -Updated Prices

    Hey there, I have three handhelds to sell as described in the title. More info and pics coming tomorrow Prices updated below. More info tomorrow, guys.
  10. BobbyPeru

    WTT/S - 6 MVS & 6 Slot to trade toward Cave PCB *SOLD*

    **SOLD** Hey There, I have a 6 slot Neo Geo MB in good working condition, along with 6 really good titles. I would like to trade for, or towards, a Cave STG PCB. I'm looking for a title like MMP, maybe something else. If no trades come up, I am willing to sell the whole deal for $500 plus...
  11. BobbyPeru

    WTB - Nintendo DSI XL and Card Thingy

    Hey there, Looking for a DSI XL and an R4 card or similar so that I can download and illegally play games that I don't own. I can accept shipments in Michigan, but would prefer shipment to Ontario, Canada (don't worry. It's easy and not much more expensive). Thanks for the help.
  12. BobbyPeru

    This entire forum is awesome!

    I've never done anything like this before, but I would like to thank all the good people of for helping me to acquire a handful of MVS games. A lot of people pm'd me, and were all very reasonable, offering me excellent deals on the games I was looking for. Big thanks go out to kitkit...
  13. BobbyPeru

    WTB - MOTW, Last Blade, Last Resort MVS

    Well, Tonk's thread has got me all jazzed up, so I'd like to get my six slot up and running again. I've tried to narrow my interest to what I think are the six most interesting games on the system, representing the best of each genre (except for the genres that aren't represented:cool:)...
  14. BobbyPeru

    Thanks for nothing, Jasmine.

    Here's my communication with Newegg support rep, Jasmine. Jasmine: Hi, my name is Jasmine. How may I help you? david: I've been disconnected twice each time my issue is escalated to a supervisor. Please don't disconnect me again. My account is temporarily suspended. I ordered an...
  15. BobbyPeru

    Thread Where We Go To Find Stuff We Have Forgotten

    There was this youtube channel I stumbled upon a few years ago where this dude who owned a used game store talked about the business and the stuff he would get in and whatnot. The last video I saw, he was selling his place and moving into the mall. Anyone remember the youtube channel name...
  16. BobbyPeru

    NG 6 slot - DC New 52! - PC Parts - New Items

    I've got some stuff to clear out of here. I would love to sell this stuff within Canada (saves me a trip into Michigan to ship) but I am willing to ship to the states domestically from Michigan. In Canada I can do next day, in the states you will have to wait a few days for me to get your item...
  17. BobbyPeru

    Code Academy Code Year

    I just signed up. I'm gonna code the shit out of stuff this year.
  18. BobbyPeru

    Not another "I'm building a computer" thread...

    But I am, bros! It's already bought, paid for, and all the bits are on the way as we speak, so feel free to tell me what I did wrong. It's a high-end midrange setup, or the low end of the high-end type of thing. Know what I mean? Here's what I got: Corsair Carbide Series 400R Mid-Tower Case...
  19. BobbyPeru

    Two Apple Mac Mini Computers for Sale

    I'm going to be putting these up on eBay later today, but I would be very happy to sell them here first. I'm just going to copy my ebay descriptions here, hence the fairly formal and boring descriptions. Both computers are in great working and cosmetic condition. Up for sale is an Apple Mac...
  20. BobbyPeru

    **SOLD** JPN XBOX360 and 7 Cave Shooters

    ***SOLD*** I'm just putting some feelers out on this tonight. I'll get more info and pictures up as soon as possible. I have for sale a Japanese Xbox 360 bundle with Cave shooters and a JAMMA adapter box so that you can run the whole deal through your cabinet. The adapter is for one player...