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    Getting Mono Sound to work on a Q-Sound Capcom Cabinet

    I was wondering if someone could help me or direct me to a good place for help. I recently bought one of the USA Big Blue Q-Sound enabled Capcom cabinets that I believe were made with CPS2 games in mind (link to pic below). It is a great cabinet, however the only drawback seems to be that it...
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    New Fatal Fury Game Announced: Garrou Densetsu vs. Fighters History Dynamite!!

    Froma Animenation's news page "New Fatal Fury Game Announced SNK Playmore has announced production of "Garrou Densetsu vs. Fighters History Dynamite," a fighting game that will commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Garrou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) game franchise. Fighters History Dynamite was...
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    Selling my rare USA and UK NGPC Clamshell games

    Hi all I have decided to sell my entire Neo-Geo Pocket collection. Here is a link to the auctions: I would be willing to take offers from here to sell to you guys. I'm not sure what to charge but I would accept around what the NGPC...
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    Is anyone else sad to see no KOF 04 this year?

    It looks very likely that we are not going to get a KOF04 released into arcades until 2005. This will mark the first year in the game's 10 year history that the title will not match the year released. (assuming they still call it KOF04 when it does come out) I guess with KOF: MI, KOF94...
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    Predictions on what the SS5S "lessened fatalities" will be like

    Anyone have any predictions on what Playmore is going to do for these "lessened fatalities" on Sam Sho 5 Special AES? I guess there are several possibilities. I'm sure they could leave a few of them unchanged from the MVS version since some of them were pretty tame to begin with. Others could...
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    Will you participate in the Samurai Shodown V Special recall?

    What will you do? I am going to keep mine as is and hope for a new uni-bios to fix and unlock the true MVS version.
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    Samurai Showdown 5 Special fatalities clarification

    Perhaps someone can clarify something for me regarding the MVS version of SSVS. As I understand it each character has one Zetsumei Ougi (fatality). My question is, is this the only way to "kill" your opponent? Or are the generic fatalities from previous Sam Sho games also present ie: arteiall...
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    The real reason behind the new inserts (theory)

    I have a theory about this whole insert/sticker reissue. I think it is just a big ploy for Shawn to unload all that extra AES stock he has on hand that has not been moving very fast. Playmore is likely doing this as a favor to him for being the official US AES distributor. I’m sure if Shawn...
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    How much money do you make a year?

    We all know that being in the Neo Geo scene is not cheap. I have always been currious as to what other members make to be able to afford this expensive hobby. I make about 90k a year, 28 years old and have been into the Neo Geo for about 11 years now.
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    White Blood in Guilty Gear X 1.5 for Atomiswave?

    I got my Guilty Gear X 1.5 and Atomiswave a few days ago and I noticed that the blood was white on the default settings. I went into the test menu to see if there was an option to turn it red. There was no option for this. Then I tried flipping the territory settings to Japan for system and...
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    Will the Neo Store carry Atomiswave Hardware and games?

    With the recent news coming out about the end of the Neo Geo MVS/AES, and the apparent move of all future SNK/P titles to the Atomiswave hardware, I as well many on here I'm sure would like to know what that means for the future of the Neo Store? Shawn, if all these stories are indeed true and...
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    KOF 2004, Metal Slug 6, Samurai Spirits 6?!?!?

    From Magic Box - Sammy and SNK Playmore announced a collaboration to produce a series of new arcade games for the Atomiswave system. SNK Playmore will develop The King of Fighters 2004, Samurai Spirits AW (tentative name) and Metal Slug 6 on Atomiswave.
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    Preorders for KOF 2003 AES open at NCS

    They just opened up their pre-orders today with a date of March 11th. I wonder if the date was moved up from the 25th or if they are mistaken. Anyway I put my pre-order in there because they seem to get the AES releases a day or 2 before the Neo Store.
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    KOF 2003 Story in English?

    I have not read any confirmation if KOF 2003's story was translated to english. Can anyone confirm this? Is the English PCB of this even out yet or is just the Japanese version out right now? It's unfortunate that this question even has to be asked, but after Sam Sho 5/0 debakle apparently it...
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    Any word on Pre-Orders for KOF 2003 MVS? AES?

    Hey Shawn Do you have any information on the MVS release of King of Fighters 2003? Last I heard the release date was supposed to be Dec. 11th. Can you confirm this? Do you have any word on price and format (Cart or Jamma)? Also is there any word on the AES version? thanks
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    Hyper Neo Geo 64 language options?

    I am interested in getting a Hyper 64 but have a quick question. What determines the default language displayed on Hyper 64 games? Example: If I had Japanese Hyper 64 hardware and I plugged a USA Board of Sam Sho 64 into it, would the default languge be Japanese or English when I booted it...
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    Anyone else going to the TGS next week?

    I will be flying out to Japan this upcoming Tuesday and will be at the Toyko Game Show on Friday. Anyone else gonna be there? Maybe we can meet up at Playmore's booth and check out what they have to show.
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    Hyper Street Fighter II X for PS2?

    From The Magic Box: "Capcom announced they will release a new fighting game Hyper Street Fighter II X for PlayStation 2 in Japan in December, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter, future details will be available at the Tokyo Game Show." I...
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    Sammy vs. Capcom?!? (not Neo Geo related, but still news worthy)

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Wonder if this is true...
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    Got my SVC: Chaos Jamma board today

    After the delay of the Home Cart was announced I broke down and bought the SVC Jamma board from the Neo Store and a new Super Nova from MAS. Still waiting for my Super Nova to arrive, but the game came today. Going over to my friends house who still had his street fighter cab (wish I had kept...