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    WTB Kraut Buster AES JPN CE

    So now that the game seems to be almost ready to ship by NGDEV, wondering if anyone who's got the Collectors Edition with the extras is willingly to sell it. A lot of things might have happened since 2015. PM me if so, it's a good opportunity to have it delivered with just updating address in...
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    WTB Samurai Shodown 2 USA - dog tag

    Looking for this game for AES US dog tag release, complete and in good condition. Shipment to Spain Thank you!
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    WTB Breakers AES JPN

    Only complete and 100% original
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    WTB Knight's Chance AES

    Looking for the JPN version with extras included.:)
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    I'm selling an original Last Hope Pink Bullets US version in great condition. I'm also open to offers to trade only for an original Last Hope (1st print, the regular edition - I think it was limited to 60 copies worldwide). Price: 825 Euro shipping included worldwide. PP Gift or +5% for...
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    WTB Last Hope AES original

    Hi, I am looking for a legit Last Hope to complete my ngdev set. I have spotted one on ebay but they dont ship out of the US, so im out of luck for now. if someone has it for sale please pm me. or if a very trusted member would offer to buy for me and send it to spain that could also be an...
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    [WTT] Last Hope Pink Bullets AES US >> JPN

    I've got my Last Hope Pink Bullets US copy for AES, and I would like to trade it for the JPN one. Its the normal edition (no extras), of course it has insert, manual etc. Working perfectly. If anyone is interested, please PM me :) Thanks
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    todosnk's collection

    While I am not a very active member, I've been with the Neo for quite a while, since my young days. A friend of mine had one during the early 90's, and he got tired of it, so he offered me an exchange for my SNES and MD together. I accepted at that time, and ever since lived with the Neo until...
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    Looking for Carton box edition games: League Bowling Riding Hero I am located in Spain. Thanks :)
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    WTB - a lot of AES ORIGINAL JAPANESE games

    Hi all, That's in my wishlist, only originals and japanese, complete versions... shipped to Spain. I know it will take centuries to complete it, but let's post it and see how things go... obviously can't afford all them at once and many of them are on ebay, but some have a really high price...
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    StaticX - bought poster from him - NOW RESOLVED!

    So I bought from StaticX member a few posters a couple of weeks ago. For the first order, it arrived after 3-4 weeks, but had some delay. No problem on that. The thing comes when some weeks later I bought this Fatal Fury 3 poster from him...
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    Looking for Gunlord AES japanese, does not matter regular or CE edition as long as its complete and in good shape. I am from Spain.
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    vga to cga converters 15kgz, worth to use?

    Has anyone tried these vga to cga converters, which do convert any sort of VGA signal into arcade monitor displays? How does it actually work when plugging PCs? Is the image quality similar to plug directly a 15khz board on the monitor? Does it work on 31khz monitors? Or is it just better to use...
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    RESOLVED --- beware of MagicT (Hungary) - no item received and hard to get refund

    ---Updated to RESOLVED as he has finally refunded me all the money--- So I had this deal with him: Basically 450e for a japanese AES Andro Dunos in very good condition...
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    Wanted: AES JAP release of Andro Dunos, Super Spy, Riding Hero, Magician Lord

    I am located in Spain so would prefer someone in EU zone but if not worldwide is acceptable. I want to buy JAPANESE AES games complete and in good condition: - Andro Dunos - Sengoku (with normal box) I do have these on PAL/EUR versions but my collection is almost complete in Japanese, so if...
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    WANTED: Spinecards for Cyber Lip, Fatal Fury and King Of The Monsters 2 (or complete CD)

    Hi, I am looking for these three spinecards for the Neo Geo CD games: - Cyber Lip - Fatal Fury - King Of the Monsters 2 If anyone has the complete japanese CD game and wants to sell it I would be interested too. I already have the games but I dont mind buying them again if they have the...
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    WANTED: Last Hope and Ironclad Brikinger for NeoGeo CD!

    Looking for the following 2 NeoGeo CD games, japanese release only: - Last Hope - Ironclad Brikinger If anyone has for selling please let me know! Thanks
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    XRGB-3 with Japanese NeoGeo - some sync problem? how to solve?

    Hello everyone! I am a NeoGeo collector for more than 15 years and I am now trying to connect my AES system to an HDTV. So lately I bought one XRGB-3 converter from Micomsoft which I just received a few days back. I am having some sync problems and hopefully someone could tell me how to fix...