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  1. Sememmon

    Thoughts about MVS cart serial numbers...

    As I continue to work on my collection, I've come across a variety of different ways carts can have (or not have) serial numbers. On the game label.. on a separate sticker.. sticker sometimes sealing the side of a cart.. sometimes scratched off the label.. sometimes nowhere to be found at all...
  2. Sememmon

    Color separation

    I've got a rev1 mvs-4-25 that I think has the original monitor installed. I'm not positive on that, but given the shape of the cabinet when I received it, I'm pretty sure it was all original. One of these days, I'll have to get around to the back and check. Anywho, I've noticed over the years...
  3. Sememmon

    MV-4F and cart connections

    I’ve owned a MVS-4-25 for a while now but never took the time to really learn how to clean it up inside. I got it in, I think, pretty great shape. However, I do have problems with some cart/slot combinations. Some games work fine in some slots and are a huge pain to get to work in other slots...
  4. Sememmon

    WTB: ... nothing! aka. How ROT will fuck you over for NOT fuckin' listening.

    Hello! My attempt to complete my collection has been successful! Thanks to everyone that helped me along the way!!:multi_co:
  5. Sememmon

    MVS Mini Marquee Collection?

    So, getting back in to working on my MVS collection and will be in need of reprinting some mini marquees. Last time around, when I did this, I eventually found what I needed, but that was many years ago. I was wondering if, since then, anyone here has managed to collect a definitive "complete"...
  6. Sememmon

    Sem's 2012 MVS Wanted List

    Greets! So quite a few years ago I decided to work on collecting all the MVS games (any quality to start, but eventually would prefer for good quality kits). I got about halfway and then took a break for quite a while. I recently decided to get back to it! Hopefully you guys can help. I'll...
  7. Sememmon

    Sem's Updated MVS wanted list (carts, hardware, art, etc)

    Greets all! It has been ages since I've been here looking for MVS goodness. My collection has been neglected! So, I've come back in the hopes of extending my collection a bit. I hope you all can help! I plan to move slowly though, unlike last time. So.. on to the list of desired stuff! Wanted...
  8. Sememmon

    New monitor recomendations for a MVS-4-25 Big Red

    Greets! Been a while since I've posted.. I've been neglecting my Neo Geo habit, and am working back in to things once more. My next goal is to replace the monitor in my Big Red. I'm getting a lot of color separation towards the top-left corner. :eek: All the advice and tweaking I have done so...
  9. Sememmon

    MiniMarquee professional reprint results!

    Greets~ I received my shipment of reprints from today of a bunch of minimarquees. First order of business? Take pics and report to you guys. :tickled: The reprint order was for (I think - can't remember exactly) 51 minimarquees. I received a few extra at 56...
  10. Sememmon

    MV-4F Troubleshooting

    Greets!~ I have 3 MV-4F's I'm attempting to troubleshoot in the hopes that I can get at least one working board out of all three of them. Needless to say, I'm just beginning to learn about how everything works.. Anyway, I have boards with the following errors: 1st board boots to black screen...
  11. Sememmon

    MVS cart color significance?

    In my quest to enhance my MVS knowledge, I was going through my small collection and was thinking about the various colors of carts.. I've read somewhere in these forums that white carts were originally rental carts. Is that true? Do the other color carts have any significance? Or did it all...
  12. Sememmon

    Pop'n'bounce insert?

    Was an insert ever made for Pop'N'Bounce? I can't seem to find one.. :help:
  13. Sememmon

    Degaussing a Zenith monitor

    All, I was wondering.. I'm having some discoloration issues with my Zenith monitor (I'm not sure of the model) and was wondering how to degauss it. On the monitor chassis pcb, there's a two-prong connector that says "D. Coil" .. it is connected with a two-wire cable up to the side of the...
  14. Sememmon

    Phoenix GT?

    Anyone else in the Phoenix, AZ area? I might be interested in putting something together...
  15. Sememmon

    My SSVS MVS: Boot or woot?

    Greets... Got my "copy" of Samurai Showdown V Special in the mail today and immediately took it out for photos for you guys. I had a very flakey transaction with our good buddy ArcadeGod in Boca Raton, Florida. I know, I know... Florida.. Anyway, I was expecting to receive a boot for a number...
  16. Sememmon

    MVS multi-slot system and stopping automatic game cycling?

    Greets~ Just a quick question... any of you know if there's a way to make it so a MV-4F (or any multislot mvs for that matter) doesn't cycle through games automatically when it isn't being played? I'd like to set it up so it remains on demoing one game until the Select-Game button is pressed...
  17. Sememmon

    Prehistoric Isle 2 - Why is it so $$?

    Greets. I've been watching sales on a number of copies of PI2 MVS over the past few weeks and it seems that all of them typically sell for a fairly pretty penny in comparison with most other MVS carts. Why is that? Is it really that good of a game? Or is it just that rare? Or something...
  18. Sememmon

    Minimarquee Dimensions

    Just a quick question... For printing purposes, minimarquees are 4.5" wide by 5.5" tall, are they not?
  19. Sememmon

    MVS Buttons! Which type is best?

    I recently purchased some new sticks and buttons for my cabinet.. and was thinking... it originally came with concave buttons (when I bought it). I purchased convex ones. I think I like the convex ones but I'm not sure... so I figured I'd get other peoples' opinions on them. What do you guys...
  20. Sememmon

    MiniMarquee scan requests

    Greets~ EDIT: I'm no longer looking for any scans at this time! Yay! Thanks everyone for helping =] After much searching I have acquired a fairly healthy archive of minimarquee scans. However, I'm missing a couple things that I was hoping you guys could help me out with. :help: I am looking...