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  1. smuf

    Metal Slug 3 + Samurai Shodown 5 MVS

    Currently have them both listed w/ pics on ebay but if anyone's interested feel free to make me an offer here and I'll cancel my ebay listings. Metal Slug 3 Samurai Shodown 5 EDIT: Metal Slug 3 sold! I'm only shipping within the EU.
  2. smuf

    World Record for longest concert by a solo artist

    Gonzales is about an hour away from breaking the world record, you can follow the whole thing live at Amazing stuff.
  3. smuf

    Happy birthday MJ!

    He turned 50 today.
  4. smuf

    Italian Spiderman. Quite possibly the greatest thing ever. - updated with episode 9

    A lot of you have probably seen this already but since I couldn't find a thread about it, I decided to do one. Check out the trailer. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 It's a student filmproject by some guys from Australia. More info at Wikipedia.
  5. smuf

    flash project

    A site I just finished for college: It's still a bit buggy and it sometimes locks up randomly, but I'll have to leave it like that, the deadline is in about 9 hours, it's 3:30 AM over here and I still have to write a 10 page report about the damn thing. :(
  6. smuf

    Best concerts/live performances of 2007?

    My top 10: 10) Bright Eyes 9) 65daysofstatic 8) Maxïmo Park 7) Digitalism 6) Justice 5) Soulwax (Most of the remixes live) 4) Goose 3) Queens of the Stone Age 2) Pearl Jam 1) Beastie Boys Didn't list DJ sets.
  7. smuf

    In Rainbows - Radiohead

    Radiohead's new album is now up for downloading at the official site. Listening to it now for the third time today, it's incredibly good.
  8. smuf

    My country wants to sue Scientology :kekeke: I hope they go through with it, should be fun.
  9. smuf

    Happy birthday Mushiki

    Hope you have a good time :emb:
  10. smuf

    August desktop thread

    Stuck with Windows atm, might post my OS X desk later.
  11. smuf

    my dad's a drunk bastard

    I woke up about an hour ago and found my dad lying wasted on the floor at his desk. This crap happens more and more frequently, I think he's got money problems but I'm not sure, he doesn't want to talk about it. And now he's not even able to talk, I've been yelling at him for the past half hour...
  12. smuf

    earplugs - festivals/parties/etc

    Do you guys wear earplugs at concerts or other places with loud music? Lately I've been more and more worried about my hearing. A couple of months ago, after partying at a club I had to deal with ringing in my ears for nearly 3 days, so that really made me worry. Last week I actually had to...
  13. smuf

    The Simpsons Movie - fuck 20 characters New trailer out, it's not that hilarious except for the last part with Homer and the pig, that part get's me every time ^^
  14. smuf

    best concerts you've ever been to

    Somewhat inspired by the "List of bands you'd like to see before you die" thread Here's my list of best concerts ever: Daft Punk Kraftwerk Radiohead Tool 65daysofstatic Vitalic
  15. smuf

    80s arcade pictures

    all pictures I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate this. Really makes me feel sad that I never experienced the glory days of the arcades. :(
  16. smuf

    very interesting video - somewhat daft punk related

    link. This looks a lot like Daft Punks video's during the Discovery-era, but this video was made in the early eighties. Quite fascinating to see where Daft got their inspiration.
  17. smuf

    flash project - comments wanted Done for school. Had a very strict time budget, but I'm still quite satisfied with the results.
  18. smuf

    Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

    First track aired on the radio a couple of hours ago. You can get the rip here: Sounds quite good. Hope to see them live this summer.
  19. smuf

    anybody here went to coachella?

    i'm really curious how rage's show went. post your impressions, pics etc... :buttrock:
  20. smuf

    this deserves a thread of it's own - EDIT: NOW WITH FINAL VIDEO

    linky The video for Justice's new song, called D.A.N.C.E. their previous video won the award for best video at the MTV Europe awards and this one is even better. edit: new link, get it before they take it off again edit #2: final version of the video