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  1. jt4mtb

    Deathsmiles on iOS is FREE until the end of the month The iOS version of Deathsmiles is free right now until the end of the month. I guess it's to promote and/or celebrate the upcoming Steam release. I haven't had a chance to try this version out, but just downloaded it while it's free. Source...
  2. jt4mtb

    Anyone playing Sin & Punishment: Star Successor?

    This game has me playing my Wii quite a bit lately. Such a fun shooter from Treasure; though the last few levels have been kicking my ass. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try playing it on hard mode.
  3. jt4mtb

    Color coding on insert spines?

    So the other day, I was just staring at my shockboxes on my shelf, and just noticed the little color bar above the Neo Geo text on the top of the spines. What caught my eye was how it seemed that all of my fighting games have a red bar, while my shooters have a blue bar. So I'm wondering is...
  4. jt4mtb

    What's your preferred choice of control?

    When I first bulit my first supergun a little while ago, I originally wired up one of my spare arcade sticks (personally built with Happ/iL parts) to use with it. However just recently, I finally got my hands on some old style AES joysticks, and I'm really starting to like using them as much as...
  5. jt4mtb

    Yet another new guy

    Hi, my name is Joe, and I don't work in a button factory. I only just recently got really into Neo Geo stuff. Just built my first supergun a few weeks ago, and already got my hands on a MV-1C and 7 loose carts. Aside from that, I still remember what was my very first Neo Geo game I played. It...