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  1. ratson

    Jitsu Squad new beat em up by dutch company.
  2. ratson

    Achtung! Ratson is going to Germany

    Going to Germany, Wolfsburg to be specific. My girlfriends mecca. We're going with her dad's camper. Leaving this saturday morning (june 10th) We will leave Wolfsburg on monday or tuesday, heading south from there for a few days before driving back home. Any suggestions what to do after Wolfsburg?
  3. ratson

    Johan Cruijff dies of cancer aged 68

    Rest in peace...
  4. ratson

    R.I.P. James Best (aka; Rosco P. Coltrane)

    R.I.P. Roscoe. Loved his character as a kid
  5. ratson

    Happy birthday to: ki_atsushi!!

    Have a great day, man :D
  6. ratson

    Fs/ft: Pc-engine, Tonk's neogeo arcadestick, 360 shmups etc..

    Selling 2 of my pc engine games. They are complete and in good conditiodn. Dragon Spirit and Ordyne. S.C.I. and P-47 are SOLD Price €30,- (shipping not included) Selling my NeoGeo custom made arcadestick, all sanwa parts, brandnew clear white buttons stick and bubble balltop. Wu-Tang art...
  7. ratson

    FS: NGPC x2 & Metal Slug X

    I am selling 2 ngpc consoles and a metal slug x. The blue ngpc is brand new and has only been removed from it's box to take pictures. Comes with handstrap and game. Price: Sold The crystal ngpc has some scratches on the buttoncell battery lid, other than that it's in great condition. Comes...
  8. ratson

    Happy birthday deadpixels

    Happy b-day, F
  9. ratson

    Happy Birthday Doctor Shroom

    Happy birthday, 48 already you old fart :D
  10. ratson


    A very happy birthday to the Official Bday man. This thread better be filled with birthday wishes or else.
  11. ratson

    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    Happy birthday, Aaron:-J
  12. ratson

    Happy Birthday to Popcorn Sutton

    HBD, Poppy:D
  13. ratson

    Happy Birthday Alphagamer

    happy birthday, Marcel. Hope to see you again real soon. Always a good time when you come over:buttrock: :-J
  14. ratson

    Happy birthday: Voltronbadass.

    Happy birthday, Norm. Keep filling that b*ng.
  15. ratson

    Happy Birthday Late

    Happy birthday ,Lauri :-J
  16. ratson

    I gots a new hangout for the weekends:

    This is set up by some members of a dutch forum, in order to preserve and promote arcade. My new hangout for the weekends. What's in the pics is only the beginning, there is more to come:
  17. ratson

    Happy B-Day: TOMCAT!

    Happy birthday to my favorite Italian stallion:buttrock: :-J
  18. ratson

    Happy Birthday to Spike Spiegel

    Happy Birthday funnyman.
  19. ratson

    Happy B-Day: Mike f*ckin' Shagahod.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE,:buttrock: now get those pictures in for a legendary member people. Too bad I don't have your phone nnumber cause I would call you. If anyone has it, pm it to me
  20. ratson

    Happy Birthday to: Beefy Hits

    I know you have been anxiously waiting for this since midnight so here it is. Happy birthday Greg :D