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  1. wyo

    Kamala vs Pence - Who is creepier?

    I can't stand either of these lizard people. Kamala is a fake black version of Hillary and Pence is Damien from The Omen with white lego hair.
  2. wyo

    Is there a mass exodus from California, New York and other blue states?

    A lot of people from NY and the northeast seem to be buying houses around here (even more than usual). They are driving up house prices, property taxes, and fagitry levels. I have also noticed some of my more Trumpian neighbors erecting flags, which never used to be a thing. Is this a signal or...
  3. wyo

    Kamala Harris names Tupac 'best rapper alive' Never trust a cop.
  4. wyo

    FS: Japanese Sega Saturn games

    No longer need these because I got a Rhea. Prices include US shipping. G=good condition VG=very good condition R=includes registration card S=includes spine card/obi Astal $50 G *SOLD* Cotton 2 $140 VG Dracula X $120 G Game Paradise $50 G *SOLD* Gunbird $40 G R In The Hunt $60 G S *SOLD*...
  5. wyo

    *SOLD* Boxed PS3 CECHA01 60GB

    *SOLD* Good working condition, unmodified, comes with everything pictured (except for the kitchen stuff). $200 shipped (USA)
  6. wyo

    Can we get some Site Leaders?

  7. wyo

    Is it time for the pitchforks and torches yet? This is egregious even by deep south Republican standards. TL;DR? Mississippi elected officials diverted almost a hundred million dollars of TANF (Welfare) funds to a couple of shady non-profits. These non-profits...
  8. wyo

    Trump is going to win Florida

    Calling it now. He's basically President Florida Man, so it makes sense. Trump is yugely popular in most of the state and the economy is booming. One of his more ardent supporters built a billboard in his backyard that borders I-4. Could have fixed up his trailer but he's a patriot.
  9. wyo

    Analogue DAC (Digital-to-Autism Converter)

    Say Hello to Analogue DAC. The most advanced digital to analog converter ever made for experiencing video game history. In analog. Every aspect of DAC is designed for the most discerning enthusiast. Eye-opening analog video. High fidelity audio. Forget about mod kits and wiring hacks — DAC is...
  10. wyo

    Reupholstering candy cab stools

    I decided to refinish a couple of candy cab stools that fell victim to the previous owners' cat. Got some green vinyl material from Joann Fabric which is a close match to Sega Astro green. The only tricky part was stretching the vinyl uniformly to avoid visible folds. Ended up doing 2 passes at...
  11. wyo

    Good stuff Trump has (or hasn't) done

    It's easy to overlook some of the bright spots in Trump's presidency. Buried between the stupid tweets, thinly veiled racism and inappropriate conduct, he has occasionally done some good, or at least not done some bad. So why don't we take a break from the constant scorn and talk about some of...
  12. wyo

    SOLD: NEC MultiSync XM37 Xtra (Pick up only - Tampa, FL)

    *** SOLD *** Price is $1000. Will consider trading for a cab, nice condition XM29 / BVM-20F1U (or similar), PCB rarez, etc. Feel free to make a trade offer. Pros: Great picture, glass in nice shape, geometry is remarkably good, works 100%, includes original remote Cons: Plastic is scuffed up...
  13. wyo

    Why would Iran dent a couple of ships? Funny how the mainstream media bashes the Trump administration at every opportunity, but is almost 100% falling in line when it comes to Iran. I'm not buying the neo-con narrative on...
  14. wyo

    New Black Mirror episode "Striking Vipers"

    Anyone seen this yet? I figured it'd go down well around these parts :keke:
  15. wyo


    Resolved, kind of... Attn: Rot Plz delete :keke:
  16. wyo

    FS: MVS shock boxes with inserts

    I need to free up some shelf space so I'm selling my shock boxes. They were purchased new and are in excellent condition. Inserts are included - you can pick the ones you want. $10 each + shipping Box of 20 for $180 + shipping Payment via Paypal (gift or add the fee) or money order. US...
  17. wyo

    New Black Mirror interactive episode "Bandersnatch"

    Anyone watched/played this yet? I spent 3+ hours last night working through all the paths. Best retro game of 2018? :D *MILD SPOILERS AHEAD*
  18. wyo

    UN Squadron / Area 88 questions

    I have been playing this a lot over the past week and did a 2cc today :) Is it worth swapping the ROMs to play the JP version with the bonus stages? How are the stages accessed? Are there any differences in difficulty between the versions?
  19. wyo

    FS: Super Nintendo carts

    Prices do not include shipping. Most games will cost $4 to ship individually within the US, + $1 per additional. Priority + insurance will start at $8 and will be required on the higher cost games/bundles. Pics are here: Any trolling in this thread will be...
  20. wyo

    FS: Sega CD Games

    Android Assault $65 *SOLD* Final Fight CD $75 *SOLD* Robo Aleste $85 *SOLD* Silpheed $25 All complete in good shape. Prices include US shipping.