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  1. kobylka68

    Bayern Munich need to fire Klinnsman

    Bayern have one of the best lineups in European football. Great strikers, midfielders, defenders and even a promising upcoming goaltender. Yet the keep on losing or drawing games they should win. I've been a Bayern fan forever and am just pissed. First off he doesn't know which players to...
  2. kobylka68

    Little Big Planet Beta Code

    I have an extra little big planet beta code so I am willing to give it out to whoever wants it here. The only catch is that this code is for the Japanese beta so you will need a Japanese PSN account and you'll have to be willing to find your way around the game in Japanese. First person to...
  3. kobylka68

    Home Closed Beta

    I just got an email from sony with an invite to the Home closed beta. I am downloading the software right now. Anyone else in the home beta?
  4. kobylka68

    Criminal should be Police Officers

    See I always thought that we want the best people to be officers not our criminals. Police wrong to reject applicant who shoplifted, Supreme Court says
  5. kobylka68

    Homeland Security can kiss my ass

    So I was in Niagara Falls today with a friend of mine who came from Poland. She wanted to check out the American side of the falls as well so we decide to just walk across the bridge to because it's easier. She has her passport and I just have my Canadian citizenship card and license. We went...
  6. kobylka68

    Ebay Auctions: Blu-Rays, HD DVD, Wii, PS3, NDS

    Lots of games and movies available. Less than 24 hours to go
  7. kobylka68

    PSN Game Summer Sale

    Pain PixelJunk Monsters High Velocity Bowling Rocketman High Stakes Poker All Games are $4.99 on the playstation store. Perfect time to pick up Pain and PixelJunk Monsters for anyone who doesn't have them
  8. kobylka68

    Eto'o In Uzbekistan To Sign Mega Deal

    Who saw this one coming? This has to be some kind of joke right?
  9. kobylka68

    FA: Lots of Blu-Rays

    Ebay Link Less than 24 hours remain
  10. kobylka68

    FT: Blu-Rays for PS3 games

    Here is the list of PS3 titles I want: Army of Two Burnout Paradise Call of Duty 4 Gran Turismo 5: Prologue GRID Hotshots Golf: Out Of Bounds Lost: The Game Here is a list of all the BD Titles I have: Hit me up if you have any of the ps3 games on...
  11. kobylka68

    1966 & 1974 World Cups Were Fixed says Former FIFA President

    These are pretty inflammatory comments.
  12. kobylka68

    Qore: New Online Magazine for PS3

    May be interesting. I might put down the $3 this month just for the SOCOM beta but I don't know how good or popular this will be in the long term.
  13. kobylka68

    MGS4 for $39.99 for us Canadians Go to the above URL and notice it is $49.99. However if you make a brand new account at and use the Coupon Code: MAPNEWNCSAVE you will get $10 off your very first order with free shipping making this game $39.99 plus applicable taxes. Great...
  14. kobylka68

    Euro 2008 Predictions Thread

    With Euro 2008 just around the corner I thought it might be fun to make some predictions. Just Pick the 2 teams who will come out of their respective groups and then the final champion. Group A: Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey Group B: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Poland Group C...
  15. kobylka68

    FA - Some HD DVDs
  16. kobylka68

    Wii Freeloader already useless? This happened a lot faster than I expected it would.
  17. kobylka68

    Get Metal Gear Online Beta Code without Reserving

    Here's a step by step process to get a Metal Gear Solid online beta code from the japanese Konami website. No purchase necessary. I just got my code and will be downloading on the 17th.
  18. kobylka68

    Lots of HD DVDs on EBAY for cheap(Less than 24 Hours Left)
  19. kobylka68

    GT Prologue Pre-Orders reach 1 million in Europe

    Thats an absolutely insane amount of pre-orders.
  20. kobylka68

    GM Makes better commercials than cars A really cool Pontiac G8 commercial.