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  1. Azra113

    Record of Lodoss war - Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

    Game looks good, this was a good anime back in the day. ..Good
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    delete please

    Plasma Sword and time Stalkers $50 Shipped
  3. Azra113

    161-1 problem

    I've neglected this cart for a while, but now when I try to play it. It loads up and I can select games but it Freezes right after I choose a game. I tested it on both my MVS boards so I guess it's the cart. Please help
  4. Azra113

    Limmy Show

    This shit is fucking funny. I found out about this show through the forums and I ended up downloading the first 3 seasons. I just wanted to ask the forum if there is any other comedy shows similar to this ?
  5. Azra113

    Goemon 2 & 3 translated

    Two Goemon games for supernintendo have been translated and released recently. For any other Goemon fan out there.
  6. Azra113

    Peanut Butter

    only two kind of people in this world ( well three consider folks with allergies)
  7. Azra113

    Best sony console

  8. Azra113

    Best Wu-Tang Clan member

    shooters shootin looters lootin computers computin pollers pollutin
  9. Azra113

    Best Mortal Kombat

    I was having an argument with my cousin over which Mortal Kombat is the best. I think MK Deception is the highest point in the series. The game is balanced and has a good roster. He says its UMK3 for the run button dial a combos and atmosphere. Which do you guys prefer.
  10. Azra113

    Sealed Ness Amiibo

  11. Azra113


    Hey guys, these joints have been collecting dust so I figured I`d let em go. The lot consists of Art of Fighting 3 (with gloriously sunfaded mini marquee) King of Monsters 2 (with war torn mini marquee) Sengoku Realbout Fatal Fury Metal Slug 2 Super Sidekicks 2 Fatal Fury 2 (unmatching kit)...
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    Metal Slug 2 (label wont stick) Fatal Fury 3 Super Sidekicks 3 (Label is fucked up) Super Sidekicks 2 World Heroes
  13. Azra113

    Best way to transfer VHS to Computers

    I need yall help. I want to transfer my family old VHS tapes to computer, but after looking online i keep getting mixed answers. I figured Id ask the forum since i am sure a bunch of yall already done this. I was thinking about getting an Easy-cap, but some reviews say the output is crap...
  14. Azra113

    Best Real Bout

    This prolly been discussed here a thousand times but here we go again. SPECIAL > 2 > 1 > FATAL FURY 3
  15. Azra113

    ALL GONE !

    Everyone must know. Everything must go. I'll give you 3 for $10 and 1 for the $4. USA-CAN only. Shipped as letter mail. Paypal gift or add the 'fo Shit is gamer quality, from C to B. Kof 97 Soccer Game Super Robot Wars F Greatest Nine 97 Myst King The Spirit Champ Doozy Type R Virtua...
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    85$ -> 75$ SHIPPED Mini Marquee has slight damage on top. Please inquire for photos.
  17. Azra113


    Want to buy this complete with box and manual. Thanks
  18. Azra113

    PHOTOS OF IRAN: MUSEUMS & ETC This my Facebook page, I uploaded a ton of photos I took when I went to Iran back in '13. I visited 4 Museums when I went there and I took as many photos as I could. I took it for my friends that won't ever have a chance (or don't have the guts)...
  19. Azra113

    Need help identify 2 games

    There was two shmup games I played at arcades and really enjoyed. Last time I played these I was like 14 so I vaguely remember the games. The first game I think it was a Raiden game but I am not sure. Is Raiden the only SHMUP series with giant homing lazers that wiggle ? The other game was a...
  20. Azra113

    Nintendo Throwback Sale Nintendo is having a throwback sale. Each week a different Wii game is going to be on sale. This week is Mario Galaxy 2 at 9.99$ I'm getting that since I missed out on that game. Metroid Prime triology is coming out too. I am happy Nintendo...