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    WTB: Gamecube D Terminal/Component Cable

    Let me know if you have one. Will offer a fair price but not 2nd mortgage ebay status. Thanks!
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    WTB: XRGB 3

    Doesn't have to be perfect or even have the box. Plan to use the hell out it. Thanks
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    CPS1 A board (Short Version) - Capacitor Values

    For the SMD capacitors at the following locations, what are the values? I am having trouble reading the online schematic. C18 ? C19 ? C20 ? C21 ? C22 ? Thanks
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    WTB: Street Fighter 2 CE/HF/WW

    Don't care much about B and C, but looking for a good A eh. Please let me know what you are willing to sleep without. Thanks,
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    WTB: Micomsoft XC-15 DISPL

    Probably a long shot, but want to purchase a Micomsoft XC-15 DISPL. If you have one and are willing to part, please PM me. Thanks!
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    WTB: XRGB-2

    Looking for the non-plus version of an XRGB-2. Thank you.
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    WTB: X-RGB 2 or X-RGB 2+

    Looking for one of the two. Let me know if you feel the need to part with one.
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    FS: Genesis Model 1 Lot, Saturn 2P Virtua Stick, Tototek SNES Flash Cart

    Hi all, I have way too much gaming stuff sitting around and I would rather just see it go. All prices include shipping in the continetial US. Thanks, Sega Genesis Model 1 lot, Very clean model 1 genesis (with High Definition Graphics on top) with almost no scratches, power supply and self...
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    WTB: Sega Mega Drive Japan Console

    Hi, I would like to purchase a Japanese Mega Drive system. If you or someone you know has seen this system, please report it to your local...PM me. Thanks,
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    WTB: Dead New Generation CPS3

    Just need mobo and cd rom with Simms. Will give you fair going rate. Please hit me up. Thanks,
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    Interest Check: CPS2 D&D SOM

    Anyone interested in a Phoenixed CPS2 copy of Shadow over Mystara? Mine came with no label originally, but luckily someone had a spare original label in very good shape (go figure) that I can put on it. I'm thinking 165 shipped. Let me know if that interests anyone.
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    WTB CPS1 aboard

    Got a CPS1 game and the a board is toast. Thanks.
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    Arcade PCBs - Irem price drop

    I also have an In the Hunt with original manual. Looking for $115 shipped in the USA with insurance and tracking (big package). Thanks, Versus City panel. Shipped (in a proper Sanwa panel factory box). Panel only, unpopulated. TRADED...
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    WTB/WTT: In the Hunt PBC for MVS 1 slot with games.

    Let me know if that interests anyone. Want a metal slug (1 or 3) and maybe something like Garou MOTW.
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    FS: Fully Reonditioned Blast City with Flat Screen PFX Monitor

    I am selling my fully reconditioned Blast City arcade cabinet. I received the cabinet in the following condition and spent a lot of time fixing it back up to JP specs: It includes the following: Brand new Japanese Sanwa PFX pure flat tri sync monitor with excellent geometry. Monitor frame...
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    WTB/WTT: Shadow over Mystara

    I have a mint Alien Vs Predator as well as a very nice In the Hunt PBC I could use as trade bait. PM if you have a DD:SOM Thanks,
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    Neo Geo 64 rev 2 and SSWR

    Have a lot of arcade stuff I could trade towards this as well as cash. Name your price.
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    MVS with Metal Slug

    Only neo game I ever liked (don't kill me). Really don't want to pay a lot. Have a lot of stuff for trade as well. Mike
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    FS: Blast City in California

    Machine is in very good cosmetic shapre shape. Naomi/JVS, CPS2/3 and Jamma ready. Nanao MS9-29SU monitor is in excellent shape, no noticeable burn in. ($300) Stereo Audio Amp. 3 way speaker system. New upper control panel surround ($150) Blast City panel with Sanwa RG buttons and JLF sticks...