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    Dreamcast no video after 2nd test with terra onion MODE

    I installed the mode with no storage and my dreamcast booted to the mode screen. I then placed some content on the usb stick and inserted it and powered on the dc. Then no video or sound. All main led comes on, mode and usb leds flash. I replaced the optical drive and it behaves like its trying...
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    Paprium for real 2020, got my conformation email for delivery!?

    Just got my confirmation emails, and final shipping details
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    FS: golden axe 2 death adders revenge

    Works great, seems kind of rare $300 open to offers. I have a few other jamma boards ill bee selling also . Pics soon…
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    PS3 60GB Full Backwards compatible with 2.76 fw still has OtherOS and Jail breakable

    Great shape very old firmware, full Backwards compatible with other OS, can be jailbroken. Includes video and power cable. never had the ylod, laser was replace once. heat sink compound has been replaced as its poshing 5+yr old. looking to get $300 shipping or best offer. paypal gifted or...
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    Help remembering an old 1980s toy construction kit

    I am trying to remember the name of a toy construction kit. It's more like constructs that you make buildings with. From what I remember the pieces were mainly blue and plastic.. You start with some grey plastic bases. Then you start to snap posts in the bases to start The structure and...
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    wtb: cheap non working 3do fz1 and sega cdx

    subject lasers can be bad i dont need them for the laser.
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    Whac-A-Mole Machines Sabotaged with a "virus”

    This is an interesting story He should rot for his crime!
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    1989 the good old days of Malls, arcades and the 16bit!

    There must be a small rip in the time continuum at every wal-mart Sucking these people in back from 1989...
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    wtb: target terror,Gunblade NY Machineguns, dragon's lair trilogy wii, PCE Thunder blade

    topic wtb Wii target terror, Gunblade NY and L.A. Machineguns, dragon's lair trilogy, PCE Thunder blade looking for a good price used or new in good shape.
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    TC9231N for sale, for digital audio mods

    I have some extra TC9231N and the 74HC04 chips for sale. I modded the psx and gamecube with these chips. they work great. I plan to do the snes and saturn also. the last sites to have it in the USA were asking $50+ make a an offer if your intersted.
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    Ohio the geekest state! See what your state is shamed for?

    Not too bad compared to others...... Rationale and statistics: Most stats taken from and (unless otherwise noted) 1. Alabama...
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    Winter: Why don't you see animals licking the roads?

    I was thinking about this since its nice and snowy in ohio.... Most animal can't resist salt, so after a good salting when its snows you'd figure animals would be licking it up like mad....?Especially deer. I would think there would be an influx of road kill. Do they add something to change the...
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    WTB: cheap nonworking CDX for parts don’t need a working cd-rom.

    Please make me a fair offer in most cases people need a replacement cd rom I don’t. I need the other half. As long as it plays genesis game with no issues.
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    FT/FS:NEW (never opened) psp daxter bundle + 2 new games for ps3

    Want to trade a new psp daxter bundle + 2 new games for a ps3 slim. This was never opened A move bundle is preferred. ill take the best offer. willing to sell, please make a fair offer for trade or sale. thanks Rare Limited edition silver PSP bundled, factory sealed, never been opened...
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    CDX sound missing effects generated on genesis only can only hear 8bit like sounds?

    I only hear some very basic 8bit like sounds… almost like a sega master system. This is odd seems like a bad cap somewhere. 99% are surface mount………. If I finger caps near the sega 315-5684 I can start to hear the missing sounds tones. I cant find the yamaha YM2612 5 or Texas Instruments...
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    FA: True RGB NES with powerpak,stereo and lockout mod

    RGB NES with powerpak,stereo and lockout mod and more!
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    FS: GameCube VGA cable

    GameCube VGA cable modded by me from a new d-terminal cable. Asking $100
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    Got scammed with a handful of other people what can be done?

    A handful of other people and I got scammed from a guy at This guy scammed about $500 between all of us, $250 was the value of my stuff. I have his address and paypal account. I gifted some money so I'll be out of luck With paypal. All the BTR reports came in a few days after...
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    Kinect breast touching game lol the skys the limit......
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    Thanksgiving Toast help?

    "Here's to the great American bird, Who has fettered our heart with his cable, 'Till no Thanksgiving can seem complete Without the turkey on the table." what does cable mean here? fettered=bound,tied bound to our hearts with his cable.... tethered to our emotions, because our enjoyment and...