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    MV4 Dead Battery

    whats the quickest way to remedy? Isnt there a battery mod? miss my dips and hiscores:) if board work needed, does anyone do it in US? Thank you Lee
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    FS: MVS Mini Marquees ORIGINALS

    These are all original stock, the thick prints with image accents, as packaged with original kits, some RARE The Rares $15 a piece US - 8 Man, King of Monsters, Super Sidekicks 2 Rest $10 each - ASO JPN, Fatal Fury 3 JPN, AOF 3 JPN, KOF98 Spanish, WHP JPN, KOF95 JPN, KOF96 Spanish Some have...
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    The REAL Neo Geo OG's: Memories

    For those who were truly around for the golden age of the Neo Geo in the 90's, you know who you are, $280 new home carts, pre-orders through National Console Support, waiting on 'Apollo69' to release that next rom, fresh sprite rips, NGF Flame Wars:) What are your BEST memories of the Golden...
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    HELP: 4 Slot Memory Issues, NO Saves

    SO my MV4 board with Unibios 3.2 is no longer saving settings and hi scores, BUT it does hold difficulty levels, any ideas whats going on? Is there a dip setting I need to check? Battery issue? Any help appreciated guys, thanks Lee (garg7)
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    Neo Super Candy 29 - Failing PSU HELP

    SO I've had this thing for 18 years and it has given great service, and continues to, BUT worried the PSU may be going, and I'm not a pro at hardware so looking to you all. SO perfect performance with a 1 slot, flawless, so thats still good. BUT with a 4 slot 1 or 2 slots routinely have...
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    Super Neo Candy 29: PSU pots/adjustments?

    Are there pots to adjust power output for the cab? If so where are they? Pic? And how hard is it to replace a PSU? I have a 4 slot board that shows graphic problems only on slot 1 and 2, and someone tested in their cab and say it doesnt happen there, that issue may be with my cab power...
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    retrotechrewind on ebay MIA

    So he had done some board work for me, did a good job on 1, the other board issue persisted so I shipped back to him, lost contact with him about a month ago and he has yet to ship back my boards, anybody know anything? 3 ebay messages sent and no response. Thanks Lee (garg7)
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    FS Frankenstein Super Gun

    YES it does work, not the greatest video output but decent enough, solid stereo Got this thing in a trade years ago and have used it off and on, someone with time could use components to do a better housing and snaz it up PC power supply with hilarious bomb trigger on switch, the unit has...
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    Please Delete

    please delete
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    161 vs Unibios

    So experimenting with the crappy 161 (mainly for SSVS) BUT I get errors from unibios 4-5 matches in and game resets, is the 161 incompatible with the 161? Can the Unibios be disabled? Change Region? Crappy version of 161? Using an older MVS 1FZ (?) I believe and Uni 3.2 Lee (garg7)
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    161 Boot Embracing

    So I go way back in the NG community, used to run a review website, have been away from the scene a long time, older, wiser..............but still fucking love the Neo So when I left the community was rabid anti boot. But I return, and everyone is embracing the 161, how do people feel about...
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    WTB mVS SS2, KOF95 and 96

    US or JPN okay, nada de boots:) PM me Lee (garg7)
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    Current Favorite KOF Ranking 1P AND 2P

    1P KOF98 KOF95 KOF2001 KOF96 KOF2000 KOF2002 KOF99 KOF2003 KOF97 KOF94 2P KOF98 KOF2002 KOF2001 KOF2000 KOF95 KOF2003 KOF99 KOF96 KOF97 KOF94 Lee (garg7)
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    WTB MVS 4-Slot Board

    looking for a 4 slot, runs error free, US or JPN, PM Me Thank you Lee (garg7)
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    WTB PS2 Slim US

    REASONABLY priced:) Have some rare original Neo minis for trade, 8 man, league bowling, WHP, FF2, samsho PM me Lee (garg7)
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    4 Slot Board Slot Twitchy

    Any fixes? The first 2 slots are very sensitive, graphics will garble during gameplay at odd times, tried re-seating MANY MANY times but still there, anybody ever wedge something in between cart & metal shield? Can pins be bent to strengthen slot? ONLY have video garbled, sound always fine...
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    JPN preferred, but US okay too Thank you! Lee (garg7)
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    WANTED: small arcade button for NG Candy 29 cab

    its the smaller 1/2P and select size button, anyone have one? Thanks guys Lee (garg7)
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    WANTED: Einhander PS1

    any condition considered, thanks Lee (garg7)
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    WTB: JPN PS2 console

    very serious, PM with offers and thank you! garg7