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  1. heihachi

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    You can sell the slug 5 stuff to me for $125...but I bet you could put those up on eBay and get a couple grand between all of them.
  2. heihachi

    Analogue mvs VMC works spordically

    I searched around and it looks like you might have to look at the board and make sure the unibios is seated properly, cables are all plugged in and not loose, no damage or corrosion to traces, etc. For what it's worth, it seems like the write protect thing has happened to people occasionally for...
  3. heihachi

    Analogue mvs VMC works spordically

    Yeah, this doesn't really sound like a VMC issue. I've never heard of that needing adjustments to the cart to work, assuming the game booted properly. If games aren't booting up every time, try cleaning the pins. Sometimes the pins in the cart connector of the board can be a bit looser, in which...
  4. heihachi

    Who Had An AES Growing Up in the 90s?

    A bit too young to really care about Neo Geo when it came out and missed most of the coverage for it too since by the late 90s most magazines had moved on to new stuff. Ironically, the "rich kid" console I remember was Dreamcast when it came out since the only person I knew who had one was a...
  5. heihachi

    Pixeljunkie selling almost everything...seriously - PCE, Neo, Vita...everything

    thanks, but scoped out some price points on eBay and even accounting for mark up there probably going to be a bit more than I want to spend for these since you have all the cases and stuff
  6. heihachi

    Pixeljunkie selling almost everything...seriously - PCE, Neo, Vita...everything

    Is there a ngp bundle price or give a break for volume?
  7. heihachi

    WTB:CPS2, Final Fight Revenge, Groove on Fight/Power Instinct 3, Demon Front, Puzzle Star

    liked, subbed, and I have msh and mvc. do you care if they're phoenixed? I'll need to check condition
  8. heihachi

    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    Anyone have pictures of the boards on these? I think one of them is already out...Bang Busters maybe? Just curious
  9. heihachi

    FS: Xbox One X Scorpio Edition / Taco Bell Edition; PS4 Pro God of War edition

    Hi all, Clearing out some of the old consoles to make way for the new. PM me if you want pictures. ——— Xbox One X Taco Bell Edition — original box (some tearing to slip cover), console, cables, Series 1 elite controller with case and all the pieces you can swap — $300 + shipping Pics...
  10. heihachi

    NFL Thread 2020 Season — No Pats fans allowed

    NFL season is finally here. Texans vs. Chiefs tomorrow night. Packers-Vikings this weekend. Brady on the Bucs. Odell Beckham enjoys getting shit on. The Washington Football Team. I need it this year bros. Let’s hope nobody sneaks some instagram thots to the team hotel and gives the whole league...
  11. heihachi

    WTB - AES bean stick and Neo Geo Pocket stuff

    Hi, Looking to buy some AES and NGPC stuff in good/great condition (ie not beater copies of stuff). Let me know if pricing is way off: AES bean stick $60 NGPC console $100-$120 depending on condition Samurai Shodown 2 NGPC US cart only $30 KOF R-1 English cart only $???
  12. heihachi

    Covid-related food rationing and shortages

    Hi all, Just got back from Target and they’re limiting the number of canned goods you can buy at 8. This is in MN. Anyone else (particularly in the US) having their Walmart’s/Target’s doing this? Never thought this kind of thing would happen here.
  13. heihachi

    Preparing for quarantine

    Besides the usual preppier stuff—water, food, firearms, other survival gear—what other items should I be getting to prepare for quarantine? I was thinking some sudoku books, jigsaw puzzles, card games, and things will be good to have in case power goes out and I need to keep my mind engaged...
  14. heihachi


    Any of you guys into nice watches? I’ve never considered myself much of a watch person, but I think it would be nice to have a decent entry level watch that’s a bit nicer than a Casio and could be worn at formal/semi-formal occasions. Last watch I had was a Fossil in middle that’s...
  15. heihachi

    WTB - Sam Sho IV, V, V Special for AES

  16. heihachi

    The Eagles look like shit — NFL Thread 2017-2018

    Booing the QB who got them a super bowl in the 1st quarter. Bravo Philadelphia.
  17. heihachi

    Dragon Quest XI

    Anyone else hyped for this? Western version finally comes out in 3 weeks, and visually it looks incredible.
  18. heihachi

    What is the best Korn album?

    Since the consensus is pretty clear that Korn is the best nu-metal band, I want to know what people think is their best album. I like Issues the best.
  19. heihachi

    Bug out bag / Prepper stuff

    Between the Syria/NK stuff and Far Cry 5, I'm getting increasingly interested in prepping. Any of you guys have a bug out bag or a bunker?