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  1. ebinsugewa

    1 Slot PCB won't sync when capturing video

    Hi all, Bit of a headscratcher. I'm using a Cyberlead with a JVS->JAMMA adapter and a 1 slot. MV1C if it matters. When I capture video from the video PCB at the back of the cabinet, I get a black and white output that won't sync. No other JAMMA board I own has this issue. I have tried two...
  2. ebinsugewa

    WTB: JROK Robotron PCB (Williams SYSFPGA)

    Lemme know. Thanks.
  3. ebinsugewa

    WTB - Nam 1975 AES (preferably uncensored)

    Would prefer uncensored and complete, but willing to budge on that if the price is good. Thanks.
  4. ebinsugewa

    Mercs CPS1 C-board compatibility

    Hi all, Are there any other games you can repurpose a C board from that will work with Mercs? I'm going through my parts and have a B board but no C board for this game. Thanks.
  5. ebinsugewa

    Welding mounting plate to blank panel

    Anyone have experience with this? Someone I know ended up with a blank Sega panel that has no stick mounts. Are there easily available mounts you can weld yourself or would you have to make your own? Thanks.
  6. ebinsugewa

    D9200 remote board cable connector type

    Hi all, In working on this chassis I seem to have misplaced the remote board cable. I've seen some info that points to it being a JST XH. Is that right? Is it wired straight through from pin to pin in order? Any idea what size the pins are? Thanks for any info.
  7. ebinsugewa

    SOTM: August 2017 - Donpachi

    ATLUS PRESENTED BY CAVE DON PACHI! Please use the following format for scores: name - score - stage - max hit - ship type - version ------------------------------------------------------------------- For example: 1. ebin - 1,234,567 - 1-2 - 10 hit - C - MAME WHY DON'T YOU...
  8. ebinsugewa

    August 2017 SOTM Voting

    I was on vacation so I forgot to post my b. Vote now! Good games only! Fun guaranteed!
  9. ebinsugewa

    Cyberlead Control Panel Locks

    Hi all, My Cyberlead didn't come with panel locks. I tried a few of the standard sized barrel locks and I can't seem to get the metal piece on the end of the lock to actually line up with the spot on the control panel that would actually hold it in place. Do these use non-standard sized...
  10. ebinsugewa

    FS: Namco Exceleena 2 Project (NOT MINE)

    No monitor and the panel is probably pretty fucked. Missing original marquee I assume. Owning the cab without the frame that slots into the rotate mech is kinda silly but it's still a cool uncommon cab. In New Zealand. In rough shape. Someone here save this please...
  11. ebinsugewa

    Source for larger farad/voltage caps?

    Anyone have a good source for common arcade caps? Mouser/Digikey don't seem to carry the larger ones that I can find. Where do you get yours?
  12. ebinsugewa

    CPS3 Dead Cart - Green blocky garbage

    Hi all, Had a working CPS3 setup until a few days ago. It's on loan from a friend and I don't know much about CPS3 as opposed to 1 and 2 so wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction. First, a bit of backstory: The setup was being used for Third Strike with no issues. It...
  13. ebinsugewa

    Capcom Impress Art Assets

    Hi all, Just bought an Impress. Any chance there are scans of the panel art, yen sticker, or side art? I've searched a few places and mainly just found dead links. My side art is perfectly acceptable but the others are totally missing. Would be appreciated. Gracias. :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:
  14. ebinsugewa

    WTB: SF2 Champion Edition

    Preferably with working A board. Let me know what's up.
  15. ebinsugewa


    I feel like this has been talked about in other threads but I don't see one specifically for it, so here it is. What is the FDSStick? It's a USB device (basically a thumb drive) that has a socket on the end for a RAM cart connector. You can use it to play Famicom Disk System games without the...
  16. ebinsugewa

    Mahjong squad assemble

    Any of you nerds play (specifically Japanese in my case) mahjong? Besides being a great way to unlock some 8/16 bit titty like an overworked salaryman, it's a pretty enjoyable game that combines a lot of elements from games like poker and gin/rummy. The bad: there's not a lot of great resources...
  17. ebinsugewa

    WTB: Turbo Everdrive

    Lemme know if you have one you don't use much anymore.
  18. ebinsugewa

    SOTM: July 2016 - R-Type

    BLAST OFF AND STRIKE THE EVIL BYDO EMPIRE! ------------------ Settings ------------------ PCB/MAME: Lives: 3 Bonus Life: 1st 100K, 2nd at 200K, 3rd 350K, 4th 500k, 5th 700k Flip screen: Off Cabinet: Upright Difficulty: Normal Allow continue: No Stop mode: Off Invulnerability: Off Service...