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  1. massimiliano

    [found] Twinkle Star Sprites, MVS Japanese loose cart

    Hi lads, as by title I'm looking for a loose JPN TSS cart :) doesn't have to be mint++ but neither missing parts of the label or major case please PM me, thanks!
  2. massimiliano

    [WTB] standard/Saturn Hitach SH2s (non-custom)

    hello, as by title, I'm looking for a few (2...4 maybe) standard SH2 CPUs, for a CPS3 project. are they available as NOS nowadays or the only way is taking it from a Saturn? thanks!
  3. massimiliano

    [found] 20"ish PVM 2030/20m2u/similar

    hello, late to the PVM party, looking for a 20" model possibly in mint/good shape... I'm in SF, open to get it shipped but I may need some help from seller side to get the right packaging... please pm me in case! cheers Massi Edit: found a 20m2u, may need some recap but tube and frame are...
  4. massimiliano

    found MVS Neo Turf Masters/Big Tournament Golf

    hello, I'm looking for a BTG/NTM loose MVS cart, gamer condition, so we can start some session here in SF :) please pm me if you have one for sale! thanks!
  5. massimiliano

    Games with ADPCM Music

    Hello, hello. so, I believe this has been one of those topics not necessarily clear to everyone, at least not to me, so I'd like to dig a bit and get a clearer picture with your help... I'm sure some of my assumptions may be wring, so please correct me in case. So, the neo has mainly two ways...
  6. massimiliano

    NeoBomberman 4p mode unlocked!

    Thanks to Brian for retweeting, looks promising, check sudden-desu's blog as well sudden-desu' @suddenデス
  7. massimiliano

    CAX '19

    hi everyone, just wanted to thank themisterfalcon for hosting the party before CAX, it was great meeting all the members who joined! cheers
  8. massimiliano

    [SOLD] Gamecube Jpn collection, console, accessories, games

    SOLD, thanks everyone! Hi everyone, I think I'm ready to depart from my GC collection...bought the console and a lot of games new at day one, never played it except maybe the first Metroid... hope someone will enjoy this more than me... there is a lot of stuff, I'd prefer to sell in one block...
  9. massimiliano

    [FS] XRGB-mini Framemeister CIB

    Hello, I bought this new, used twice then kept in the box since then... I'm fine with my cab and the 1084s, really no need for it anymore. Comes complete with everything, works flawlessly and it has also the euro scart cable. Asking 260$ excluded shipping in the US or Paypal fees...
  10. massimiliano

    FS Viewpoint AES JPN

    Hello, I'm parting form my personal copy of Viewpoint, ...condition is Mint+ I doubt you can find a better copy, especially nowadays, provenance is guaranteed by me, bought it in Japan around 2005, as I had one already but when I saw it in the store I couldn't pass. I'm asking 950$ plus...
  11. massimiliano

    Audioengine D2 wireless DAC

    Hello, I'm selling my D2 Wireless DAC (24-bit!), bought it a couple of years ago but since I moved I don't need anymore this anymore, it takes USB or Optical and sends it to the receiver which can output Optical, or analog L/ is basically plug and play, and has no perceptible lag...
  12. massimiliano

    RGB to composite converter?

    Hello team, while I mainly use my 1084s via RGB, I may need sometime to use a TV with just composite... what is the best rgb-composite converter out there? anything I should consider before buying one? (apart from the expected image quality downgrade) thanks! edit: how about jrok...
  13. massimiliano

    RIP Momoko Sakura
  14. massimiliano

    Moving to SJ area for work... location advice?

    Hi team, need to lend your hive mind for this... so, after four years in NC, I got word I shall move to San Jose area for work...not 100% sure yet but likely. Money of course will be a concern, but I'd put a rent budget around +3000$-ish top for a two bedroom apt. Now, big question is...
  15. massimiliano

    WTF is Geese saying!?

    Guys need the forum's hive mind to solve something is taunting me since he saying "dieavo" "dieavel" "dieabel"...? (should open at 2:50) thanks :scratch:
  16. massimiliano

    help tracking a package sent to France :(

    Hello, sorry to bother but I need help from someone living in France... basically I shipped back an item to an Ebay seller (who is not particularly collaborative, given the situation) and the tracking number is just saying it reached France...ebay is asking proof of delivery or some more data...
  17. massimiliano

    Which one is the boot?

    Find n. 1 "Game A" Find n.2 "Game B" you tell me.. I know which is which,I just want to understand the reaction from other members facing this situation, as I see these getting better and better.. let's talk about it and please, of course, explain your train of thought behind your choice...
  18. massimiliano

    *BEWARE* Wave of fake rental flags, claimed to be "pre-production run"

    Hi, recently I've been contacted by at least 4 people asking me to check some rental flags pictures. Someone may recall an authentication request on NGFL recently (which I have been notified about, as I do not have FB) that was the first case. Basically they are all the same, thick fabric, no...
  19. massimiliano

    Galaxy Fight 2sec rounds at Mikado! ..indeed a completely new way to enjoy the!
  20. massimiliano

    Read ROMs without desoldering them?

    Hi, I was wondering about this, just in case I may need to compare CRCs for some reason... Now, would it be possible to use a piggyback socket to connect an eprom programmer to a rom mounted on a (turned off) pcb? (upper biosmasta on a 68k) I have't tried yet but I was wondering if...