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  1. Beelzebub

    I made a game (Maze: the Ritual)

    So I've always wanted to make games, and I've dabbled in game development for a while now, but never truly completed anything that I would consider a "finished" game. That is until today! After about a week's worth of solo work, I released my game called Maze: The Ritual. It's a short...
  2. Beelzebub

    John Dunsworth "Mr. Lahey" Dead at 71

    John Dunsworth , the actor who portrayed Mr. Lahey in the Trailer Park Boys, has passed away at age 71 after a short fight with an unspecified illness. This hits me hard, because Trailer Park Boys is easily one of my most watched shows. Mr. Lahey's character really being one of my favorites...
  3. Beelzebub

    SOTM October 2017 Gradius 5

    [Rules] Default settings, normal difficulty, and of course no continues. [Hi-Score format: Player - Score - Stage - Weapon Array Type] 1. Beelzebub - 547,590 - 1-3 - Type 1 2. Chosen One - 449,649 - 1-3 - Type 2 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. Beelzebub

    SOTM October Vote Thread

    Sorry I'm a little late getting this vote thread up. I'll leave it up for a few days before starting the official thread. Here are your choices! Sexy Parodius (Arcade/Saturn/Playstation1) Homura (Arcade/Playstation 2) Deathsmiles II (Arcade/X360) Gradius 5 (PS2/PSN)
  5. Beelzebub

    SOTM October 2016 Gunbird 2

    October's shmup of the month is Gunbird 2! [Rules] Default settings, 3 lives, normal difficulty, extends at 600k, and of course no continues. [Hi-Score format: Player - Score - Stage - Character - Platform] 1. Chosen_One - 557,100 - 1-5 - Aine - PCB 2. suicidekiller - 489,600 -...
  6. Beelzebub

    SOTM October Voting Thread

    Here are your choices for next month! Sexy Parodius (Arcade/Saturn/Playstation1) Gunbird 2 (Arcade/Dreamcast/Playstation 2) Gun Frontier (Arcade/Saturn/Playstation2/Xbox) Battle Bakraid (Arcade) Only four days left until the end of this month, so get your votes in! :vik:
  7. Beelzebub

    SOTM October: Batsugun

    October's Shmup of the month is Batsugun! [Rules] Default settings, 3 lives, normal difficulty, extends at 1mil, and of course no continues. I will have tables for both the original Batsugun, as well as the "Special" revision. Both of which are on the Sega Saturn version. Now let's see...
  8. Beelzebub

    October SOTM Vote Thread

    No official nominee for next month, so here's an impromptu vote thread. 1. Gunbird 2 (Arcade/Dreamcast/PS2) 2. Batsugun (Arcade/Saturn) 3. Darius Gaiden (Arcade/Saturn/Playstation) 4. Gradius 5 (PS2/PSN) Since it's so close to the month's end I've given it 72 hours. So get your votes in! :vik:
  9. Beelzebub

    August 2015 B&PotM Black Tiger

    This month's B&PotM is the Capcom Classic Black Tiger! [Settings/Rules:] international version, 3 lives, normal difficulty, no continues. Hi-Score format: Name - Score - Stage - Format Normal: 1. FLTCHRR - 466,500 - Stage 6 - PCB 1. Beelzebub - 354,850 - Stage 5 - PS3 2. Jeneki -...
  10. Beelzebub

    August 2015 B&PotM Vote Thread

    Okay, I'm going to forgo a proper vote thread, and just do a write-in. So nominate a few Beat 'em ups/Platformers, I'll tally them up after several days, and the one with the most votes wins. I'm going to nominate Alien Storm, Streets of Rage 3, and Black Tiger for my picks! Now nominate...
  11. Beelzebub

    Ninja Baseball Batman Hi Score Thread

    This month's Beat 'Em Up of the month is Ninja Baseball Batman, by Irem. [RULES] 2 lives, normal difficulty, no continues. Hi-Score format: Name - Score - Character - Stage Let's see some scores! 1. Beelzebub - 72,070 - Jose - Stage 4 - MAME 2. Yoshi - 67,910 - Straw - Stage 3 - PCB...
  12. Beelzebub

    June BOTM vote thread

    Since there's no host nominated for this month, and nobody has stepped forward yet. I figured screw it, I'll start up the vote thread, I hope nobody objects. Anyway, on to this month's nominees. 1. Final Fight 3 (SNES) 2. Streets of Rage 3 (Genesis) 3. Ninja Baseball Batman (PCB/MAME) 4...
  13. Beelzebub

    May 2015 SOTM: Fire Shark/Same!Same!Same!

    This month's shmup of the month is Fire Shark! [Rules] Arcade: 3 lives, extends at 70K and every 200K, and medium difficulty. Mega Drive/Genesis: 3 lives, normal difficulty. Hi-Score format: Player - Score - Stage - Autofire(On/Off) - Platform The Japanese and American versions of the...
  14. Beelzebub

    May 2015 SOTM Vote Thread.

    Since Deus Vult's a no-show, I talked to Tyranix, and I'll be running the show this month. Here's your vote thread as promised. Also, I went through the past couple years of SOTM threads, and saw a serious lack of Toaplan games. So I decided it would be a Toaplan month, all the games in the...
  15. Beelzebub

    Sengoku 3 Hi Score Thread

    Okay, so I'll be your impromptu host for this month's BOTM. I know we usually do a poll and vote on what game we're going to play. Though since we're already into May, and it's kind of last minute thing. I figured I'd forgo the normal formalities and go with something that has been nominated...
  16. Beelzebub

    Beelzebub's Art Thread (Drawing, painting, sculpting, sprites, etc.)

    I've been perusing the creative section and really enjoyed all the stuff from the various creative people on these forums. So I've decided to share some of my art with you guys. I mainly like to draw black and white pictures with pencil and pen, but I've been know to dabble in painting...
  17. Beelzebub

    Going to be getting my first cab, a question first..

    So I couldn't find a general arcade discussion thread, or Q&A/FAQ. Plus I didn't really want to piggyback on anyone else's threads. Anyway, there is a pretty nice looking Gauntlet cabinet on my local Craigslist. They're asking $400 for it, plus a Gauntlet 2 PCB. The monitor looks pretty nice...
  18. Beelzebub

    Trailer Park Boys Return!

    Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Lahey, and Randy return in the new feature film "Don't Legalize It". :-J I know the movie was released several months ago in select theaters in Canada. But, since I live in the US, I wasn't fortunate enough to see it. At least that is until it's recent release on...
  19. Beelzebub

    BOTM August: Streets of Rage

    Available platforms: Sega Genesis, Sega CD, WiiVC, 360, PS3, 3DS, emulator. Rules: Default settings, Normal Difficulty, 3 lives, no continues Hi-Score Format: Name - Score - Character - Stage - Platform 1. elgwido - 904900 - Axel - All - Sega CDX 2. Beelzebub - 903,700 - Blaze - All - Genesis...
  20. Beelzebub

    BOTM August poll

    Been asked to sub for Whisper this month. I'm hoping I've made some decent picks. Anyway, with only a week left in this month let the voting commence! 1. Armored Warriors (CPS2/MAME) 2. Streets of Rage (Sega Genesis) 3. Undercover Cops (PCB/MAME/SNES) 4. Crude Buster/Two Crude Dudes...