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    Neo Geo AES Crackling Sound

    My buddy has and AES that has intermittent crackling static popping sound. Tried both through the headphones and normal connection with the same results. It might be important to note that the system has been RGB modded, but worked fine as such for years.
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    Does anyone have experience with the Universal Monitor Chassis?

    I’m well versed in repairing old chassis (just fixed the one at my shop) but my home project cab has been on hold for quite some time. I’m currently stuck because I can’t find the flyback for the chassis my home cab has, so a universal chassis might be my only choice here. I checked the...
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    SEGA CDX Problems Reading CD games.

    Let me give you a full progress report before guesses are made. Was presented a CDX unit that was not reading CD games, Genesis carts play fine but CD does not spin and screen says "no disc" Unit has original OEM power supply. Upon opening the unit I took note that the copper shielding inside...
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    So I came to vent about Battle Princess Madelyn!

    I’m sure a lot of you know about Battle Princess Madelyn all ready, but for those who don’t, long story short it’s a game that was crowdfunded via Kickstarter on March of 2017. The game was supposed to be a homage to the Makaimura (Ghosts n Goblins) games starring the developer’s daughter and...
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    Laseractive PAC-S10 Battery question

    I am prepping to recap my PAC-S10 SEGA module, and on the Console 5 website it seems to be recommended to change the battery as well. They recommend adding a horizontal battery holder but to the bottom of the unit rather than the top of the board. Has anyone done this repair/modification? I...
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    In The Hunt and Metal Slug connection.

    Interesting thought... It’s no secret that the folks that made In The Hunt went on to make Metal Slug. But did you ever consider the 2 Games to be part of the same universe? I’ve been playing Slug a lot this past week and I have been taking in all of the pixel work and noticing things I never...
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    New Limited Edition of Inside for PS4 comes with something made by Realdoll

    I am 8bit is releasing a mysterious Limited edition of "Inside" for PS4 with a price tag of 375$! The scary thing is they are not even mentioning what comes in it, except for the fact that Realdoll is involved 😅 seriously WTF
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    So I am now a business owner... but

    As many of you know I have been the manager of a used CD/DVD/video game store for over 20 years. I have been very blessed to have the two most generous bosses anyone could ask for. So generous in fact that they have recently decided to retire and give me the business. They were thinking of...
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    Today I turned 40

    Although I still feel 18 at heart, today I gained the 'over the hill' status. for the first time in my life I am actually contemplating my age. Although I don't feel old, the prospect of my age has me boggled as far as not knowing if I am supposed to be feeling like an old person at this point...
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    Play-Asia releasing exclusive Dreamcast version of Breakers Wonder how they got the rights for this!?
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    Possibility of Mario being mascot of the 2020 Olympic Games

    Never have I been more proud to be a gamer. The video says it all!
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    Pulstar and R-Type

    So, I'm discussing my recent reacquisition of Pulstar on Facebook, and this guy proceeds to mention that Pulstar was supposed to be R-Type IV. I laughed it off, but decided to do some digging. I had not known that Aicom was comprised of former Irem members which makes the statement interesting...
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    AES Scrolling screen when white or flashes.

    I just bought a bulk lot of broken consoles for a pittance and included was a AES that was supposedly not working at all, but I tried with another power supply and it fires up and works for the most part, but whenever the screen turns white or flashes white the screen scrolls until the white...
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    Retrogamer's Manual MADNESS! FS: Manuals for NES, Super Nintendo, N64

    Shipping within the U.S. ONLY I will try to describe manuals condition as accurately as possible with any important notes Prices include shipping cost. Payments are Paypal -Gift or add fee Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Grading scale M~mint NM~near mint VG~very good G~good...
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    FS AES Gold System and lots of Games US and JP

    Hey guys listing these for a local friend of mine. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I Only ship to the US and accept Paypal gift or extra fee Boxed Neo Geo Gold Home System Serial# 011387 Fair used condition all around Comes...
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    The Nightmare Neo Cab Conversion Thread!

    I found this picture in a gaming group on facebook, and it has got to be the absolute worse conversion I have seen to date. And although many pictures like these once existed in the WTF auction thread, they have long since vanished since the ebay auctions are long expired. I thought it would be...
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    Bigger Badder Better 16 Page Advert Magazine Supplement Scans

    As some of you know, I run a game shop in South Florida. Sometimes while digging through old game stashes for trade in I come across some pretty neat articles of game history. Yesterday I aquired this 16 Page advert for the Neo Geo AES system boasting its power during the early days of its...
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    *REDUCED* For Sale Official Nintendo Gamecube Component Cable and Game Boy Player

    Official Nintendo GameCube Component cable! $190 shipped in the USA Nintendo Game Boy Player (with boot disc) $50 shipped in the USA Capcom Classics Collection for Original Xbox Brand new factory sealed 15$ shipped
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    SEGA Genesis video problems

    SEGA Genesis model 1 has beautiful video (through RF) until screen goes white ex. "SEGA" logo screen when booting up Sonic the Hedgehog. upon hitting a bright or white background screen the color and sound go out, and the screen goes all floppy. I opened it and the RF shield seems tight on all...