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  1. Lagduf

    Diablo 2: Erection...err...Resurrected.

    Normally a rerelease, remaster, or relaunch is of Zero interest to me. But I love this damn game. I wonder if this release means Diablo 4 is still multiple years away?
  2. Lagduf

    Will Biden eliminate a portion of student debt?

    According to NPR he can do so by executive action though would prefer legislation. They were touting eliminating $10K of debt though some in Congress want it to be $50K (side note: pass the legislation then). I’ll be interested to see if Congress does something other than complain about the...
  3. Lagduf

    Vacation in a Pandemic, the thread.

    I have like almost two months of vacation time. Guess I should develop a budget. Any suggestions for pandemic friendly time off? Honestly considered planning a trip, and then not going anywhere and spending the amount of money I would have spent on lodging on LEGO sets, building an amount of...
  4. Lagduf

    Retro-computing Thread

    Do we have a retro computing thread? If so I can’t find it. Anyway the 8-Bit guy is releasing a new C64 game. Also compatible with the Commodore PET and Vic-20.
  5. Lagduf

    WTB: Commodore 64C w/ 8580 SID.

    Figure I’d try here before going to eBay or Facebook. I’m looking to buy a working NTSC Commodore 64C that has the 8580 SID chip in it. Why do I need an 8580 SID machine? I have a machine with 6581 SID. I’m wanting the 8580 to use with the MSSIAH Synthesizer Cartridge (which it was designed...
  6. Lagduf

    I hope I get $2K

    Then maybe I’ll forget those blackwater fucks got a pardon. Well, and the other assholes too. $600 I would’ve dropped on some dumb shit, $2K though? Might be smart with that, lol.
  7. Lagduf

    Citizen DJ: Library of Congress Sample Library for Electronic Music I'm downloading all the samples now. The full audio they come from are available in full and there is a web based sampler/sequencer that is admittedly pretty powerful for what it is. It's stupid how fun it is. Why did I spend almost a grand on a hardware sampler...
  8. Lagduf

    Will Biden get another Corona relief package through Congress?

    Another $1200 would buy me a great synthesizer. That said, I’m sure there some people who would benefit from some continued relief. Especially since signaling seems to indicate increased Covid prevention measures coming up again. Hell we have a curfew starting this Saturday in CA.
  9. Lagduf

    PlayStation 5 + Xbox Series S/X thread.

    I’ll be an early adopter this generation, haven’t done that in quite some time. I don’t see any killer games on either system but I’m looking forward to playing Cyberpunk 2077 and assume it’ll run better on the new consoles than the current gen. I’ll be going with the Xbox Series X and plan to...
  10. Lagduf

    Mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal: US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Does this mean Snowden can come home? After we defund the Police can we get rid of the FISA court too?
  11. Lagduf

    Fuck You 2020: Chadwick Boseman dead at 43 after 4 year fight with Colon Cancer.

    Wakanda Forever. Stay safe out there folks. Hug the people you love and let them know it.
  12. Lagduf

    Fuck Pacific Gas and Electric

    The power it out, again. Defund the San Bruno Bombers. How can a corporation found guilty of approximately 100 felonies still even exist? This is actually crazy. It’s time to retire to my yurt.
  13. Lagduf

    Frederick Douglass Book Recommendation

    Oh learned scholars of Neo Hyphen Geo Dot Com, Can anyone recommend a good biography on Frederick Douglass and perhaps which of his autobiographies I should pick up. Perhaps a collected volume of his speeches? K thx bye
  14. Lagduf

    Trump: Defunding the Police is a “fad.”

    Trump is spitting fire this week :emb: Also: Defund the ATF.
  15. Lagduf

    Need Cash? Kill an American soldier.

    Man, if there is anything I could just know the truth of it would be about the truth of these reports linking Russia to paying bounties on US Soldiers in Afghanistan. I’m no fan of the War on Terror but man, even the allegation that Russia is doing that is bonkers. I wonder how high up the...
  16. Lagduf

    Trump Bucks just arrived, err stimulus funds.

    Time to stimulate that prostate, uh, economy by buying stupid shit?
  17. Lagduf

    Pen and Paper RPG Thread

    I have not been playing many board games of late and slowly have been getting in to role playing, which I once, admittedly, derided as well I don't know - nerd shit? It's pretty good stuff though. I'm currently playing in a Day after Ragnarok Campaign. We're using FATE Core which is more...
  18. Lagduf

    Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox NA)

    Anyone else dumb like me and play this?
  19. Lagduf

    Tokyo 42 - Isometric Assassin Game [Hotline Miami Clone?] (PC/XB1)

    Anyone playing this? Seems pretty cool and reminiscent of Hotline Miami, albeit this is 3D and makes use of an isometric perspective. Just did the first couple missions. Died a lot at first, but reloading is instantaneous ala Hotline so you can attempt again and again and again to your...
  20. Lagduf

    The Surge (Sci-Fi Melee D-Souls Clone)

    Gameplay seems interesting and the ability to target different parts on an enemy to structure what loot you can possibly get is cool. Seems loot may be generic ala Diablo but I hope there are unique items too. Seems to have some kind of skill system. Not much info though other than some...