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    Metal Slug Slot Machine

    Anyone interested in a Metal Slug skill-slot machine? I'm looking to sell mine since I don't use it and it's been in storage for a couple years. Asking $500. These are big and heavy so expect shipping costs to be around $150-200 in the US. I'm in Tampa FL area so pickup is an option. Email...
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    Contacting You Guys

    Did you guys change your email address? I’ve also tried a PM here that has got not response either... Jeff
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    FS: Fusion MVS Converter - Price Drop - SOLD

    Asking $125 or best offer, plus shipping. PayPal gift/friend preferred or add 3% to cover fees. Email me at if interested.
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    FS: Daedalus MVS Converter - Price Drop - SOLD

    ** SOLD ** I've only ever used this once and no longer have a need for it. Asking $280 shipped in the US ($25 shipping overseas). Payment via PayPal accepted if you send as gift or cover fees (4%). Contact me at if interested. Thanks, Jeff
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    FS: Neo CD Games and 2 Memory Cards

    Baseball Stars 2 (JP) - $35 Savage Reign (JP) - $15 US Shipping is $4 via padded envelope or $6 via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box (up to 3 games). International shipping - check first. Paypal, add 3% or pay as gift. Feel free to contact me at to make offers. Not looking...
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    FS: Neo Geo SuperNeo 29 Candy and SuperNeo Type II and Knockoff Sega New Astro City - SOLD

    EDIT: Individual asking prices added. Pics of Sega knock-off cab added. EDIT 2: Cabs are now in the Dunedin / Clearwater / Tampa Florida area. --- I'm moving soon so I'm looking to sell my cabs. Asking $2600 OBO for the three cabs as a bundle. Offers on individual cabs accepted. Pick up...
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    Free CRT Televisions and Arcade Monitors

    I've got a couple things I would like to get out of my basement and garage: 27" CRT TV. Has component & svideo inputs. Worked great the last time I used it. 25" CRT TV. Has SVideo. Worked great the last time it was used. 27" (or is it 29") Arcade Monitor. Still in a Beast Busters Second...
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    FS: MVS Collection - Razion, Bang Bead, More...

    I'm selling off my unused MVS collection. Most of these games have been sitting on a shelf for over a decade so it's time to let them go. I'll try and keep this list updated as things sell, but availability will be viewable through a google spreadsheet here...
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    Edit: New bundle for sale: King of Fighters MVS complete set with shockboxes: King of Fighters '94 King of Fighters '95 King of Fighters '96 King of Fighters '97 King of Fighters '98 King of Fighters '99 King of Fighters 2000 King of Fighters 2001 King of Fighters 2002 King of...
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    Where to buy a Neo RGB to BCN (or RCA) cable?

    I've finally got a Sony PVM coming, which will be my first RGB CRT in over 25 years!! :) Now I need an RGB cable to hook up my AES. I'm looking for either the Neo DIN to BNC or Neo DIN to RCA plugs. I really don't feel like making one so I'd prefer to buy one off a member here. Any...
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    FS: New Knight's Chance MVS (limited stock) and AES (Pre-Orders)

    Some of you guys may not read the news & rumors discussions so you may not be aware that Knight's Chance is now available and shipping for MVS. You can order a copy of Knight's Chance MVS (Collector's Edition or Standard Edition) at or Less than 10 copies...
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    New Neo Game: Knight's Chance for MVS - Pre-orders Open!

    If you don't read the News & Rumors discussion threads, you may have missed the announcement of Knight's Chance now available for pre-order. You can read more about Knight's Chance in the main thread or visit my facebook page to follow along with development updates or pre-order the game from...
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    FS: Commodore Amiga CD32 System, NOS, Never Used - Price Reduced

    I have two Commodre Amiga CD32 systems that have never been used and are boxed/complete systems. Photos available upon request. Asking $450 each, OBO + shipping. Email me at if you're interested.
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    Wanted: MV-1B Shell.

    Anyone have a 1B shell in excellent shape? Drop me an email at Thanks, Jeff
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    FS: Xeltek SuperPro 280U USB EPROM Programmer - $250 OBO

    My Knight's Chance game has forced me to upgrade hardware so I no longer need my current programmer. It's served well for everything Neo related and is pretty fast. You can read more here: Paid around $700 a few years back and Xeltek still sells...
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    Neobitz Presents "Knight's Chance" - AES Pre-Orders Now Open

    Pre-Orders for Knight's Chance MVS are now open. Visit to pre-order. --- old message --- We've been working hard on a new Neo game and it's at the point where we feel we can share some info about the game. Browse to our facebook page to see a couple teaser screen shots...
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    Any voice actors in the crowd?

    Anyone here ever do any voice acting or would like to for a Neo game? I've got a project that's moving forward and I could use the "right voice" to add some atmosphere to the game. I don't want to give away too many details about the game but the voice for this project needs to have a...
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    Pixel Artists Needed

    Hello, I've got a couple projects going on and I need pixel artists for Neo games. The smallest & simplest project I have is working on sprites for my old Neo Pac game: If you're interested, drop me an email at Prior pixel art experience a must. Thanks, Jeff
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    WTB: Phantom-1 Converter

    I'm looking for a Phantom-1 converter. Drop me an email at with what you have and your asking price. Thanks, Jeff
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    FS: Vizio 8" Android Tablet

    I bought this for my wife at Christmas and she doesn't want it -- still prefers her laptop. Here's what it looks like and the features: Mine has about an hour of usage and still looks new and has all included accessories, box, etc. Asking $210...