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  1. MetalSlugVet

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I bought this Sonic the hedgehog abstract art piece for $30 shipped. The right pupil definitely looks a bit off but I like it irregardless. I'm searching for a 11x14 frame or I might take it to Michals to have it done professionally.. I also purchased quite a bit of dreamcast stuff in the last...
  2. MetalSlugVet

    Magician Lord AES

    Looking for an English magician lord on AES. thanks
  3. MetalSlugVet

    WTB Dreamcast games

    Looking to finish my Dreamcast collection I need the following items. - power stone 2 cib - marvel vs capcom 2 cib - South Park rally cib - jet grind radio cib - dynamite cop cib - Namco museum cib - army men sarges hero’s cib -any Japan exclusive shoot em up( I have no imports yet)...
  4. MetalSlugVet

    Alice In Chains

    What do you guys think of this band? I think they are one of the best bands of the 90’s. Some of my favorite songs are “ I stay away”, “them bones”, “ angry chair”, “ love hate love”, “would”, and “nutshell” to name a few. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell had very unique vocals when they...
  5. MetalSlugVet

    WTB magician lord AES (English) cib and ghost pilots Dog tag cib

    I’m looking for -Magician lord cib (English) -ghost pilots DT cib I have a Neo-aec arcade stick plus cash or just money if you don’t need another stick.
  6. MetalSlugVet

    WTB Snes carts, N64 carts, Genesis CIB/CB,/Manual only and TurboGrafx cic/manual only

    Looking for the following games. Please let me know what you have and we can make a deal. SNES Cartridges- -Final fight 3 - Space megaforce - Magic sword - run saber -ultimate mortal kombat 3 Genesis CIB/CB -Thunder Force 3 CIB or CB -Earthworm Jim CIB or CB - Mega turrican CIB or CB -...
  7. MetalSlugVet

    Firearm enthusiast thread

    Does anyone else have any military surplus historical guns? I’ve got tons of ww2 guns mainly American and german. This is my Nazi 1944 produced p38
  8. MetalSlugVet

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I bought this 8 game lot from my buddy across the pond.. Several of the trays inside the cases cracked during shipment, my buddy kindly offered to swap out the badly cracked ones..
  9. MetalSlugVet

    Firearm enthusiast thread

    Sounds like a fun project Lagduf, let us know when it’s done and how it shoots. It’s awesome how customizable glocks have become. As far as mags go I have a Glock branded magazine holder that holds 10 standard mags in my truck with the Glock I keep in there, here is a stock picture of what...
  10. MetalSlugVet

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Big thanks to Stormy and Saad for helping me get two of my favorite Neo Geo games.
  11. MetalSlugVet

    Married with children

    Did anyone notice her looks took a dive for a short time in the later seasons. What I’m talking about is when her hair got short and she didn’t dress all that well either. Here is a pic of what I’m taking about
  12. MetalSlugVet

    Married with children

    Are you guys into this show? It’s one series that I can watch over and over and it never gets old. When Ive had a bad day or I’m stressed out after work i like to watch Al being tortured by the shoe store customers or his family. Some of my favorite episodes are “who will stop the rain”...
  13. MetalSlugVet

    Firearm enthusiast thread

    What guns are you guys lusting after at the moment? I still can’t shake wanting a high end 1911 or colt python. It’s funny cause I’ve owned both before ( had an Ed brown full size Kobra naked slide pictured) I need to learn not to sell rarer guns I always end up regretting it.
  14. MetalSlugVet

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got rid of my censored nam and bought this. Nothing special but I’m very happy to have an uncensored version as it’s one of my favorite Neo Geo games.
  15. MetalSlugVet

    WTB OEM AES AV chord and English AES games cib

    Looking for -OEM AES composite av chord -ghost pilots cib English dog tag -Andro dunos English cib -magician lord English cib -Last resort cib English Cib -cyber lip English cib - king of monsters dog tag manual
  16. MetalSlugVet

    Gross foot pic soured my OfferUp purchase

    I took a screenshot because soon it will be off the offerup app. Who ever got it wear some surgical gloves until you sterilize it!
  17. MetalSlugVet

    Gross foot pic soured my OfferUp purchase

    Earlier today I saw on offer up Two AES arcade sticks at 30 for both. I was about to buy the two as backups but then I saw the last pic of the guys disgusting foot on a paper In the last pic. I decided to stay away from anything he touched. There is a deal for anyone who will risk touching the...
  18. MetalSlugVet

    Huge wildfire closing in, Bighorn wildfire in northern Tucson,AZ

    I live a bit north of Tucson in a place called the Catalina foothills. It’s basically on the edge of big mountains and a huge wildfire was started a few days ago from lightening. My neighbors two streets over are being forced to evacuate and my block is being told to be ready to leave any...
  19. MetalSlugVet

    Your least favorite Neo Geo game that you own.

    We all know the Neo Geo game library is a fantastic set of games. However I’m sure we have all bought a game that you think you would like but then you get it and think “ahh this is just ok” or even “this game sucks.” The game that disappointed me was the original Fatal fury on the AES. Luckily...