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  1. distropia

    KOF 2002 very early serial number, boot?

    Hi. I'm about to sell this KOF 2002 with very low serial number, it was acquired by the operator i worked on and after closure i got all the stock. I'm 100% sure about the pcbs, about label i'm pretty sure it is legal but want to confirm with you if someone have a serial # even lower than this...
  2. distropia

    Garou Mark of the Wolves for sale on ebay

    Hi there! I'm selling some MVS carts on ebay, between them there's a Garou Mark of the Wolves semi-full kit, matching serials, but no stickers. I've been selling these minty kits for a while, but everything comes to an end and this one is the last i have. Take a look ;)...
  3. distropia

    Haunted Castle PCB that refuses to live

    Hi folks. I'm fighting with a Haunted Castle board that is driving me nuts. When i turn it on, garbage in screen, steady not flickering. Every time you turn on is a bit different. No sound, no play. With the logic probe, a lot of lines are bouncing, too much lines to be traced. I already did...
  4. distropia

    ebay: auction KOF 2003 MINT FULL KIT

    Hi there. Just to let people know i'm auctioning a King of fighters 2003 MVS full matching serial kit mostly in mint condition, but the carton box. Take a look... Item is located in Spain, but i'll happily ship it everywhere. I need cash to continue...
  5. distropia

    ebay: selling some mvs and cps2 black

    Hiya. As title says, i'm selling this: Metal Slug 5 full matching MVS kit, near mint Marvel vs Capcom CPS2 black all-in-one Samurai Shodown 5 MVS Everything original, clean, revised...
  6. distropia

    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    Yup, exactly. Maybe I didn't expressed it properly: Sorry for the big letters, but someone already stole pics from me to scam people.
  7. distropia

    teenage ninja turtles with jailbars on background

    Hi guys. I need some help on this. Got a tmnt pcb (gx963 wide version) for repair with good gameplay, right sound but jailbars on backgrounds. Here goes a video that explain better the thing: I found the rom on k27 without signal on pins 22 to 28, so I swapped it with a 27c4096 with the...
  8. distropia

    MV1C replacement boards

    Hi. I've bought about 60 MV1C to repair, a good amount of them with just corroded PCB but working chips, so I'm thinking to build a brand new perfect clone PCB to move all the chips and slot to it and get a new MV1C. It would also work for making MV1Cs from dedicated jamma boards (inexpensive)...
  9. distropia

    CPS1 driving me crazy

    Hi folks. I've received some cps1 games and a-boards for repair. Amongst them, a street fighter 2 world warrior that is driving me crazy. The customer said "no audio", I found a broken chip and swapped for a good one. Audio came in. Ok, let's test it... game starts apparently ok, but when I...
  10. distropia

    basic electronic question

    Hi folks. I'm finishing a design in Eagle CAD but in one of the ICs I have 5 unused inputs + 5 unused outputs. I know is a good idea to tie that to gnd instead letting it floating. My question is, do I have to use one pull-down resistor for each input and output line, or can I use one resistor...
  11. distropia

    The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers by John Szczepaniak

    Thanks to a member here, I discovered a kickstarter project about what the title says. Basically is a book (and dvd) made from interviews to vip in the old japanese game developer market. I funded it and asked the promoter if he had SNK already on his schedule. Obviously yes, but afaik just...
  12. distropia

    What if some of us...

    What if some NG lovers with enough resources and money to do it: 1.- Locate former SNK programmers and regroup them for working in new NG titles with the same ol' feeling the original library have. 2.- Contact SNK and associated companies to buy the IP and unfinished software to finish it...
  13. distropia

    A MV1C that thinks is a 3-slot (!)

    After repairing a backup ram error in a MV1C, the board shows "SLOT 1" and then starts the game. If you press "select" it shows "SLOT 2" and the same game starts... with parental advice! Select again and same as slot 1. The soft switches appeared bad, with 1p coin = 0 credits. If it's a backup...
  14. distropia

    Happy New Year!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL :-J I really hope this 2013 is gonna be full of good news for the Neo community and members themselves, not like 2012.
  15. distropia

    Unibios skipping calendar error, any problem?

    Hi folks. I was reading this thread: but it did not let me clear if a D4990 calendar chip is faulty and use the Unibios, there could be some side-effects. I ran out of d4990 and wanna know.
  16. distropia

    Ironclad Brikinger MVS (ebay) 100% tested, coming from my collection. Since the original cart was scratched, now has been restored and profesionally painted in red, shiny and no scratches :-J
  17. distropia

    the "appleTV-like" CMVS on Ebay As usual with all the modiffications available. Take a look at my web for detailed info and past projects.
  18. distropia

    EBAY: consolized MVS "apple TV" style

    Hi folks. Here I'm selling my last CMVS with all the goodies and an internal scanline generator for HDTVs with VGAin: Take a look at my website for more info. It's on my signature.
  19. distropia

    Irritating Maze

    Hi. I'm selling my Irritating Maze loose cart. 100% original as shown, and tested. More details on ebay. If someone is interested here, I can do the deal here instead ebay, just drop me a message.
  20. distropia

    FA: Consolized MVS on Ebay "apple-TV" style on Ebay

    Hi guys. Up for auction is this consolized MVS: