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  1. channelmaniac

    Repair videos

    Anyone else doing repair videos? This one is a 4 slot that suffered from the crosshatch of death. H0LOC4iuTQc
  2. channelmaniac

    Search issues...

    Hey mods! Was trying to search for something, clicked on "Advanced Search" from the main forum page, and was greeted with this at the top of the search page:
  3. channelmaniac

    Fun with shipping...

    Folks, When packing boxes, use enough packing to fill all the space inside the boxes and overdo the tape. You can't use enough tape at times and remember to tape across the top and bottom of the box! If you don't pack the box tight then things will shift and bounce around the inside of the...
  4. channelmaniac

    FS: AES JP Cart: Art of Fighting 2

    FS: 1 Art of Fighting 2 from Japan. Bare Cart. I brought this back from Japan last January. Don't remember if I got it from Super Potato or Hard Off, but it's still wrapped in the plastic they put around the stuff they have for sale. $30 Shipped CONUS PP Accepted.
  5. channelmaniac

    Sayonara Japan :)

    I've been all up in your Akihabara buying your Made in Japan tools... and in your Nagasaki stealing your precious electrons with my camera. :) Yoshinoya has been delicious and cheap. Your Shinkansen and N`EX trains have been wonderful. The humidity - not so much. Pics are already on the...
  6. channelmaniac

    Japan... What to see/do in Tokyo?

    I have a sudden trip to Japan on the books... What are some good places to visit in the electronics district? :) Thanks!
  7. channelmaniac

    My first... a cleaning induced failure...

    A forum member sent me a 4 slot for repair with the description of "This problem occurred after I took the board out to clean it." It was an interesting repair! If you can't read the screen because of a Video RAM Error message one of the things you can do is short the adjacent legs together to...
  8. channelmaniac


    Hola! Anyone in Barcelona? I'll be there for work from the evening of the 13th through early morning on the 17th when I fly home. RJ
  9. channelmaniac

    Hey French Folks!

    Anyone in Paris? I'll be there the afternoon of the 9th through the afternoon of the 13th. I will be seeing some of the sights, but wondered if there were any good gaming stores or arcades around town. RJ
  10. channelmaniac

    My repair logs have MOVED

    Hi everyone, My repair logs have been copied over from the old site to the new site as of 15 mins. ago! My signature has been updated too.
  11. channelmaniac

    FS: CPS3 - Street Fighter III: New Beginning

    FS: 1 CPS3 system w/working cart for Street Fighter III: New Beginning. System is in the metal case, comes with the CD, CD case, CD-ROM drive, data/power cables for the drive, and manual. No kick harness. I do not know if the battery has ever been changed and I don't change them on CPS3 carts...
  12. channelmaniac

    MS2 1/2 boot...

    Yes, It's a half boot. The guy I got it from took a bootleg cart and a real cart apart and swapped the boards to get a working one. I have a PROGBK1 with real mask ROMs for the audio and EPROMs for the program ROMs. It now works as the mask program ROMs were bad. The video ROMs on the boot...
  13. channelmaniac

    Remembering Nightmare Tony

    Mods: If this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it Tony's brother posted this on his Facebook page tonight: *EDIT*!!! I wish I could go :(
  14. channelmaniac

    Repair party @!

    Details here: Or you can find it on my Facebook group page. Attendees MUST RSVP. Period. Almost anyone is welcome. New Zealanders will require extra screening.
  15. channelmaniac

    Repair Party @ my place

    Details: Yes, I posted a link to another forum. It's easier to keep track of things in one place. I'm in the north end of the Dallas Metromess.
  16. channelmaniac

    Email storm from forum!

    Holy crap! I just got 19 emails in the past 2 minutes about new private messages and logged in to see 3 new PMs in my inbox. What's going on with the forums?
  17. channelmaniac

    WTB: Marquee for the MVS-2-25 (2-slot) cab

    Hey folks, I finished out my game room with this cab... but it didn't come with a marquee. Anyone have a marquee to fit the MVS-2-25 (2-slot) cab? This marquee is taller than a standard sized one. Please let me know price shipped to...
  18. channelmaniac

    wtb:Dead multi-carts

    I'm looking to play with these so if you have a dead one, let me know. Thanks!
  19. channelmaniac

    Hyper Neo Geo 64 setup

    Untested. Comes with main board, Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare cart, 2 guns (broken handles), wiring harness (unsure if 100% complete), paper manual (marked "preliminary"), rolled up marquee, and 2 interface boards. Make offer. Local pickup only (Dallas area) as this is a lot of stuff and it's...
  20. channelmaniac

    Freebie Tuesday

    Up for grabs: 1 Joy Joy Kid Mini Marquee Old and faded, but it's a MM... and the price is right. I just can't bring myself to toss it and I don't have that game... so it's up for free. Conditions: You have the game and want the MM. Please don't be a dick and grab it just to resell it. First...