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  1. avramce

    MV1C background layer issue?

    Hey all, any idea what could possibly be wrong with this board? The issue is really weird, as it one only seems to appear briefly after the high score screen loads on my KoF 97 cart. Cart works fine on my other boards, NeoDiag claims there are no hardware issues on...
  2. avramce

    MV2-01 ZMC2 repair - no C-Rom sprites?

    I got a 2-slot board with heavy corrosion damage around the battery circuit: At this point, I probed all the C-lines on the ZMC2 chip, restored all the connections between the C0 and the LSPC-A0, but I'm getting gameplay with sound and...
  3. avramce

    Garbled music tracks in gameplay and jukebox?

    I have a problematic Twinkle Star Sprites boot that I've been trying to repair, everything in the cart works fine in gameplay, but the background music is constantly crackling and scratching. This is the only cart that I've experienced the problem with the music track, so I pulled both the M1...
  4. avramce

    Watchdog when cart slots plugged in?

    Hi all, received a pretty clean 4-slot, but noticed that it was watchdogging on boot. I took the board apart, and saw that I get crosshatch when I boot it with the stock BIOS with the daughter board off, and get the service menu if I boot it using UniBios with the daughterboard off. I ran Neo...
  5. avramce

    Bust A Move Again cart with corrupt pictures

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Bust A Move Again cart, cart has a Holo label and all the ICs on the board match mvs-scans. I booted up the carts and saw that the background layers and title logo have corrupted graphics. The sprites on the other hand look fine: I...
  6. avramce

    MV1 board won't power on

    Hi all, I sent a working MV1 board to a bud internationally, and he didn't test it originally after arrival. He removed the onboard battery, cleaned off dusty components with some IPA, let it dry, but upon attempting to power it in a confirmed working JAMMA cab/harness, the board does nothing...
  7. avramce

    Differences in PROG and CHA board types?

    Hi all, had a fun holiday season and decided to tear down all the spare/bootleg carts I've collected in the last few months, and ended up with the following: 1x PROG42G-1 1x PROGTOP 3x PROGBK1 1x CHA42G-1 4x CHA256 I decided that I'm going to try my hand at making a Ghostlop, Ironclad and...
  8. avramce

    Neo Print 98 cart?

    Hi all, so I was planning on redo'ing a crappy label on one of my games, but upon peeling off the plain paper label that someone taped on, I realized that there was still an official seal and label underneath. I peeled it off as carefully as I could, and I could not seem to find a matching...
  9. avramce

    Cart repair: Bad P1 ROM replacement?

    Hi all, recently picked up a Blazing Star cart with clean looking PCB that was claimed as 'for-parts' and after several hours of cleaning and testing with a known working Blazing Star cart, I determined that the P1 rom on the board is dead. The IC looks completely new, no signed of damage...
  10. avramce

    Preferred 4-slot board variations?

    Hi all, completed my first significant repair for a MV4 board with corroded traces (batt acid) and dead ram, and I'm trying to decide if I should keep my MV4T or the newly repaired MV4? The MV4T works well enough with the exception that the sound on slots 1 and 2 are scratchy if the carts are...
  11. avramce

    MVS>AES converter shells (Phantom-1, Fusion)

    Hi all, I modeled a shell for the Furrtek Fusion and the !Arcade! Phantom-1 if anyone is interested. The fusion one is dead simple, and maybe I'll revise it later, but I'm still hammering out the internals of my Phantom-1 case if anyone is interested in that (had to dremel and shave some...
  12. avramce

    4-slot, messed up video (sync issue?)

    Hi all, picked up another four slot for repairs, and this is the first board that I encountered where the video is completely distorted. The board appears to function for all four slots, but the video appears to have a sync issue. Colors work correctly from what I can make out, but the video...
  13. avramce

    MVS -> AES converter? Phantom vs Fusion? (vs Daedalus)?

    Hi all, I picked up my first AES not to long ago, and bought a Furrtek Fusion to used my MVS carts with the system. Other than the deathgrip, the Fusion has been running swell for me, but in a recent pickup, the buyer included a Phantom-1 in the bundle of carts I picked up. Other than briefly...
  14. avramce

    Case for the Furrtek Fusion converter

    Hi all, tweeted to Furrtek that I had modeled a case for the Fusion converter that I received last week, and someone on twitter asked if I would share the model. Probably been done countless times, but if it helps anyone, why not :)
  15. avramce

    Suggestions on where to buy a AES memory card?

    Recently found a MV-IC board for my MVS cabinet, and started to look into memory cards for the Neo Geo. Since NTM's NeoSaveMasta stock has sold out, what are my next best options? Other than capacity, is there any reason to avoid buying old OEM memory cards?
  16. avramce

    Top of video display curling

    Hi all, I have a MV-1 board that has an issue where the top of the display curls to the right. At first I thought my monitor was flaking out, but confirmed that my other boards do not do this on the monitor. Is this something a recap would fix? I tend to hear recapping for audio problems, but...
  17. avramce

    Coin counters only adding to player1?

    Hi all, finally fixed up a working 4 slot and wired up my cabinet with coin led displays. I noticed that if I put coins into either coin slot, it only increments counter 1. Is this a dipswitch problem, or configured per game? In the test menu, I have checked that both counters can cycle...
  18. avramce

    Stuck C-ROM data lines on MV4 board?

    Hi all, I have a MV4 board with a single working slot (slot 1) with the other 3 slots just giving a garbled output at the moment. The audio and gameplay on Slot 1 is fine, however, I have lines going through the sprite layer, which I believe implies a stuck C-ROM data line if I am understanding...
  19. avramce

    4-Slot MV4FT No sound in-game?

    Hi all, I just received a new 4-slot board to try with my cabinet, and I was pretty pleased when I realized that all 4 slots are able to read my games with no graphical issues. However, after rewiring my cabinet from JAMMA to MVS audio pinouts, I realized that none of the games have audio. So...