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  1. Adderall

    FS: MVS Sale - a few left

    All carts are loose, gamer condition. Prices do not include shipping. US Only, PPG required if you're not an established member here. Other MVS still up for sale: Aero Fighters 2 - 40 - board pic Super Sidekicks 2 - 17
  2. Adderall

    - SOLD - Progear conversion - SOLD -

    *********** SOLD! *********************** No case for the PCB. A and B board. $110 - includes shipping to USA (lower 48) *********** SOLD! ***********************
  3. Adderall

    teh Drama on other forums

    A forum I'm a regular at just pulled a HUGE troll recently and they don't know what to do with him. EXAMPLE Makes me sad we haven't pulled this caliber douche lately.
  4. Adderall

    FS: PGM carts

    Howdy, Got some PGM goodness here KOV2: 9 dragons - 85 SOLD - Martial Masters - 85 SOLD - The Gladiator - 100 These come with MiniBoxes! Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Pics coming later.
  5. Adderall

    check out this Power Rangers fan film vw5vcUPyL90
  6. Adderall

    SOLD: non working STV mobo - 25$ shipped

    ****************SOLD************ as title states. blank screen when powered up. probably needs a reflow on each graphics chip. fix it up and flip it for all I care! the 25 is for shipping... I'll cover the difference if it's more than that. Lower 48 USA only pls.
  7. Adderall


    DDP DFK BL PCB only, with shockbox - $1200* *** SOLD *** Life Force - $250 (also comes with kp's audio cord) *** SOLD *** Batrider - verB roms installed but have original JP roms $425 *** SOLD *** Salamander 2 - $250 with uLine box and arts *I would also consider a trade of DDP DFK BL...
  8. Adderall

    FREE - non-working mx4000, some other stuff

    **gone** Atomiswave communication cartridge **gone** Beovision MX4000. It's a beautiful TV. It might not even be broken!! I could never get it to work.... pretty sure it's because the TV needs 50hz instead of our standard 60hz here in the US. If you fixed it, (possibly with a car battery and...
  9. Adderall

    FS: Guitar Pedals !!

    Earlier this year I made a major upgrade... as such I have no use for these pedals anymore. I'm pricing them nicely for everyone here first. After a week I'll move them off to the bay/amazon. All prices include shipping in the lower 48. Boss distortion OC-1 (modded) - 75 9v Starve pedal - 50...
  10. Adderall

    FS: Knights Chance

    Shipping included (US only for now) Knights Chance MVS - $390 :-J *collectors edition w/cards etc NEO XYX MVS LE - SOLD - $725 Gunlord MVS LE - SOLD - 725
  11. Adderall

    SOLD: PC Engine Duo-R RGB/region modded

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD RGB Modded Duo-R Console, 1 controller, power and scart cable.... I'm pretty sure it's JP scart but I might be using a UK scart cable with an adapter. $265 shipped. USA only, for now...
  12. Adderall

    SOLD: Twink MVS

    sold - MVS - loose - 265 shipped
  13. Adderall

    ***SOLD***** XRGB3

    *********SOLD********** XRGB 3 The power supply is not original. No extra cables. $200 shipped in the US of A Paypal GIFT option only.... unless I know ya.
  14. Adderall

    SOLD : Atomiswave mobo, KOV-7S

    SOOOLD 1 atomiswave motherboard 1 legit game - Knights of Valour The Seven Spirits Pictures to follow when I'm done w/work today. Please PM me with your offers.
  15. Adderall

    SOLD! - Take this Cave Art from me - $65 shipped

    DS II and Futari BL No splitzies 65 shipped - USA only - PP Gift unless we know each other SOLD!
  16. Adderall

    *** SOLD *** - SF II - CP (Aero City)

    Too big for the mini cute.. not sure what it fits (Looks like it's for an Aero City, see comments below) SOLD - $40 shipped
  17. Adderall

    IC - Capcom Mini Cute CPs

    Is there anybody left (besides myself) with a minicute? As you might know, the 'cute isn't the greatest cab for 2 people to play side by side... it would be nice to swap out the stock panel and play on a 1L6B. since we now have a bon-a-fide, grade A panel maker in house.... why don't we make...
  18. Adderall

    WTB: Zed Blade MVS (loose)

    Looking for Zed Blade MVS no need for a perfect label, but would like it halfway decent.
  19. Adderall

    Why wait for the Robocop remake.......

    When you already *have* one!