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  1. lantus360

    Ned Flanders and Mr Burns depart The Simpsons

    Harry Shearer indicates departure from The Simpsons but the producers say the show will go on... link:
  2. lantus360

    FS - 2 x CPS1 A faulty boards

    Clearing out some junk selling 2 x CPS1 A boards. Both are faulty 1st one has video issues but sound is fine. 2nd has no sound but video is fine. Someone tried to replace the Z80 and busted some traces around it. Could be an easy fix or not. $20 shipped for both paypal gift or 4%
  3. lantus360

    Brian Fargo announces : The Bards Tale 4

    this could be cool. i was a huge fan of this series
  4. lantus360

    FS: Golden Axe II : Revenge of Death Adder PCB USA Version

    Bought this from Tx 6 months ago. Played it to death - bored of it now . Want to pass this on to someone on the forum rather than deal with ebay Selling for exactly what i paid for it $190 shipped. Game works perfectly. No issues at all. The board has a small indentation (or dent) on the left...
  5. lantus360

    FS : Misc stuff FS (Sega Genesis / Scart Switcher)

    Sega Genesis Model 1 , comes with O/G power supply, controller and RF modulator. All working -SOLD Technika 3 port SCART switcher. Working. SOLD Paypal gift or 4% only.
  6. lantus360

    FS : Naomi DIMM board - gone

    gone to the bay
  7. lantus360

    Your favorite games of 2014?

    Whats yours? Here is my top 5 with some honorable mentions 1 - Bayonetta 2 - Wii U 2 - Mario Kart 8 - Wii U 3 - Infamous Second Son - PS4 4 - Sunset Overdrive - Xbone 5 - Shadow of Mordor - Xbone/PS4 Honorable Mentions - Aliens: Isolation - The Evil Within - Dark Souls II Biggest...
  8. lantus360

    Misc broken stuff FS

    - Rastan PCB. Clean board, boots up fine. PCB has a slight bend No graphics issues at all but NO sound. Needs -5v but even when i used negatron still no sound. Apparently this is a common issue with this board. $40 shipped - IGS/PGM mobo. Boots fine. no graphics issues , but when you put...
  9. lantus360

    Resident Evil : Revelations 2 Trailer

    pretty excited about this release is March 2015 on all consoles (except WiiU)
  10. lantus360

    [FS] - Neo-Geo CD top loader and 4 games

    Bought it from Windy gaming at MGC. works great, used once. Figured it should go to someone who would actually use this. Includes 4 original games, power supply and joystick. What you see is what you get SOLD
  11. lantus360

    [FS] - Complete Street Fighter Aero City Control Panel

    complete. what you see is what you get. all buttons and wires included. sticks have a little rust $65 shipped in the USA. Paypal gift or 4% - SOLD
  12. lantus360

    Amazon Sale - on PSVita memory cards

    Have at it while they last fellas. 4GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card $5.34 8GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card $18.50 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card $24.99 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card $67.64...
  13. lantus360

    [FS] - JP White Sega Saturn

    FS is my white JP Saturn comes with AV Cable and power cord. Working, very clean and well looked after. No controller SOLD!
  14. lantus360

    Uncharted 3 Free for all North American PS3 owners.

    you dont even need PSN+ to get it not sure if its a glitch or error but grab it while its hot
  15. lantus360

    New NGDEV Neo-Geo Game: Razion

    RAZION / ラジオン is a horizontal 16 bit CGI shooting game. The score system is based on growing gold cubes and using the beam It has 2 game modes (NOVICE/NORMAL). Novice mode is significantly easier and will allow more people to enjoy the great graphics and music. Normal mode is a more maniac...
  16. lantus360

    [Rumor] : Moyes 'likely' to be sacked today from United. Klopp poised to take over
  17. lantus360

    WTB: Need a couple of roms burned

    i got a Snow Bros PCB from MGC with a missing gfx rom (mame file is called sbros-1.41 on the PCB its located at ic41) also looking for P1 Rom for Prehistoric Isle 2 to fix a busted MVS board i have let me know if you can help have paypalz ready
  18. lantus360

    FS : CPS-III Motherboard + SIMMS

    Selling a working CPS3 Mobo with the following SIMMS SIMM1: 64Mbit SIMM3: 128Mbit SIMM4: 128Mbit SIMM5: 32Mbit Board works fine - wanted to get into CPS3 stuff but lost interest so its going out the door SOLD
  19. lantus360

    Xbone (next-gen console?) Bitching Thread

    Today a 13gb (yes, thirteen gig) update was pushed out for Dead Rising 3 for the Xbone. I don't even know the actual size of the game itself but surely it cant be that much larger in size. As one of the resident Xbox fanboys i gotta say how ridiculous this is getting. On launch Forza 5 was a...
  20. lantus360

    Naomi GDROM $65 shipped - SOLD

    all sold. nothing to see here