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  1. wju2004

    WTB: Neo Turf Masters & Waku Waku 7 MVS

    Figured I might as well renew my search for a few games. Waku Waku 7 is just a long shot as I know it doesn't come up available very often, but am looking for it. Mainly wanting Neo Turf Masters at this point. Prefer loose, but will look at a kit if that's what is available. Just let me...
  2. wju2004

    WTB: Neo Bomberman & Matrimelee MVS

    Yes, I know I have a good number of carts, but these are two that I am hoping to pick up sometime. Not in a huge rush to pick them up, but always loved Bomberman and Matrimelee just caught my attention. I would prefer an English Matrimelee, but willing to take a Japanese cart. I don't have...
  3. wju2004

    Metal Slug 2

    Spoke with a good member on here about this board and he thought perhaps it was a revision not listed on MVS scans, but going back through, found one that looks fairly similar that was a boot, but the boot had e-proms where this one does not. Board 1 seems to match up with what is on MVS Scans...
  4. wju2004

    Greetings from the Buckeye State!

    Hello everyone. I am obviously very new around here. I am fairly new to the Neo Geo scene as well. I was a young pup when the system came out and only vaguely remember the home console. I just knew that it was at the local electronics stores and was far more than my family could afford. My real...