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  1. Decepticreep

    RIP Jedah Doma

    I am sad to report that my dear friend and fellow member Brian Castleberry, aka Jedah Doma died yesterday. I don’t know the cause yet, but he will be missed. He leaves behind 2 sons and a daughter.
  2. Decepticreep

    My Niece Died In Utero

    I really don't know why I am sharing on here... I think I just need to talk about it for my own sanity. This last Monday, my in-laws were scheduled to go to the hospital so that they could give birth. She felt major contractions then nothing... When they arrived, the ultra sound showed no...
  3. Decepticreep

    The Conners, anyone watch it?

    What are your guys' thoughts? I watched it. I am not a huge sitcom fan, but I rather enjoyed it. Rosanne Barr was one of the weaker actors on the show anyways. Seems to me her skills got worse the older she got.
  4. Decepticreep

    Ironclad MVS Story

    I was in Vegas over the weekend visiting my brother. He took me to a video game store and this guy was selling MVS games. The guy had Ironclad on MVS and my brother looks at him and states, "That's a boot." Owner goes, "No it's not." Bro - "Yes it is. That game was never released on MVS...
  5. Decepticreep

    TCG/Collectible Card Game Thread

    I saw that there was a Hearth Stone thread, but I didn't see a generic TCG/CCG thread. I am just curious what, if any, TCGs do you guys play? I started playing TCGs back in 95/96 with the Star Wars CCG. I learned how to play MTG in Jr. High, but my parents are super religious, and I wasn't...
  6. Decepticreep

    What's your favorite Foreign Slang or Insult?

    Mine is geseki. It's Korean and it means "son of a bitch." My mom calls me this all the time, hahaha!
  7. Decepticreep

    Game on Expo - Phoenix Aug 11th-13th

    Just wondering if anyone was attending?
  8. Decepticreep

    Google Chrome Deems N-G Dangerous

    I just thought it was funny.
  9. Decepticreep

    So I got to go bowling with the Arizona Cardinals

    I got invited by Verizon for a charity event to go bowling with the Arizona Cardinals. I am not a huge Football fan, but it was fun none-the-less. I did get to meet Carson Palmer. He seemed like he didn't want to be there.
  10. Decepticreep

    So my daughter's bus got delayed for 2 hours because of a toy gun...

    Yeah... I was pretty pissed off at that. The kid who brought the toy gun is a little shit and his dad is a big shit. I called the school yesterday and the principal didn't give me much info. Said that the kids were safe and that's all. My daughter's 10 year old friend texted my wife to give...
  11. Decepticreep

    Samurai Spirits IV AES Pics Added

    I have a complete copy of Samurai Spirits IV for the AES and was looking to possible sell it for $250 (US Only/paypal only gift or 4%) Please let me know. I'll add pics when I get home.
  12. Decepticreep

    Neo Geo X > Neo Geo AES... LOL

    This video is funny as shit. It's a must watch. I know it 3 years old, but this guy thinks the X is better than the AES and AES owners are just made because we paid too much.
  13. Decepticreep

    Videogamesource on Ebay

    I saw of this guys auctions on eBay and I noticed he was from Titusville, FL. Anyone bought anything from this guy? I'm just curious, but something feels weird to me about him. I dunno, could just be because he's in Florida and so is Japhei.
  14. Decepticreep

    Interest Check: My Jap Last Blade 2 AES for Omega CMVS

    *I moved the thread here as I realized it was in the wrong sub-forum. So about a year ago, I bought a boxed AES with 2 controllers, Sam Spirits 1-4, and a memory card from a friend. Shortly after, my brother gave me a Japanese of Last Blade 2 complete. I talked to him and got his permission...
  15. Decepticreep

    Please delete

  16. Decepticreep

    Neo Pocket Flash Masta Question

    Does anyone have one? What are your thoughts? I was looking into it and saw that they no longer sell the Link Masta. Does anyone have this? I ask because I was wondering if you can flash games on normal carts.
  17. Decepticreep

    KOF and UFS Collectible Card Game

    Has anyone ever heard of or even played UFS? I started about 6-7 months ago because the KOF cards caught my eye. Previously, I never heard of the game.
  18. Decepticreep

    Any Phoenix Peeps here?

    I just moved from Vegas and looking to see if there is anyone from that live here.
  19. Decepticreep

    Last Blade on the NGPC

    So I've been playing a ton of NGPC lately, but really focusing on Last Blade. How do I go about unlocking characters and LB2 mode?
  20. Decepticreep

    AES Game Suggestions

    Ok, So I recently got an AES and 5 games. I have: Samsho 2 SamSho 3 SamSho 4 Joy Joy Kid Last Blade 2 I am eventually going to get a converter, but I was wonder what are some of your guy's suggestions on other games I should get. I'm not looking to buy anything just yet, just looking for...