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  1. yoshi41

    FS: AES Games : Andro Dunos, Real Bout 1/2, Samurai Spirits 4 and Sonic Wings 3

    Selling some duplicate AES games. Bank transfer (IBAN) or regular PayPal +4%. Shipping (priority+insured+tracked) is 20 EUR for one cart within europe, 30 EUR for outside of europe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Andro Dunos (EN) 100 EUR (insert...
  2. yoshi41

    Thrash Rally VS Play (AES Link Mode)

    Bought a second Thrash Rally to play it in VS link mode and want to share some pics. The Paris Dakar Rally can be played in 2 player mode. It's great fun. :)
  3. yoshi41

    WTB: Thrash Rally AES English (for 2 Player Sessions)

    Looking for Thrash Rally AES english cartridge to play against my friend. Always wanted to play this game in 2 player mode. Now it's time to get another cart. :)
  4. yoshi41

    Aero Fighters 2, Sonic Wings 3 and Ninja Commando (AES)

    Recently bought those AES carts from the selling thread and would like to know whether they are genuine or not. Aero Fighters 2 (EN) Sonic Wings 3 (EN) Ninja Commando (EN)
  5. yoshi41

    AES Repair

    My second AES seems to be dead. I turn it on, nothing happens, at least no picture. Anybody here who is able to repair AES systems, probably in europe? PS: I also would like to have a UniBIOS installed. Thanks
  6. yoshi41

    Yoshi41's Collection

    Here's my small Neo Geo AES/NGPC collection. I keep all my games in drawers/cupboards and took them out for a shot. The hardest part was to stack up the NGPC boxes. :lolz: My favorite games are the older ones like ASO II, Last Resort, Burning Fight, Robo Army, Spinmaster, Soccer Brawl...
  7. yoshi41

    Revo K101

    The Revo K101 is a reversed engineered GBA. Unlike other handheld clones, it does not play the games with an emulator. It's actually GBA cloned hardware and plays almost everything perfect. The case is...