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  1. Jackal

    Color Blind?

    Go <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to take a color vision test.
  2. Jackal

    FA on eBay: Twinkle Star Sprites Neo-CD

    All right, I've got a Twinkle Star Sprites Neo-CD up for auction on eBay. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> This one ends at 6:43:53 PM PDT on the 14th.
  3. Jackal

    Just got my FM Towns Marty

    Last night, my FM Towns Marty arrived. So far for it, I have Raiden (almost as great as the PS version found in Raiden Project) and After Burner III. The music it plays while it's waiting for you to insert a disc is pretty cool. Has anyone tried Galaxy Force II on it? I'm curious to know how...
  4. Jackal

    Street Fighter II for Atari 2600

    You heard right... Naturally, the controls are a bit awkward since it uses just one button. You get to use two strengths of attack ala Art of Fighting 2 (tap button for a Jab/Short, press it for Fierce/ Roundhouse). All the moves are in thanks to it being a 32K cart. I honestly didn't...
  5. Jackal

    What would you like in a Capcom vs. SNK 3?

    Here are some things I'd put in CvS3: Groove Changes: P-groove: Make it more like SFIII 3rd Strike. Add the EX-Specials as well as the ability to save multiple supers. Some supers should require 2 levels to use. K-groove: Make it more like Garou in general. New Grooves: Cap'94 (SSFII...
  6. Jackal

    FA: Great Western HGA system, like new This auction ends on the 23rd at 5:08:25 PM.
  7. Jackal

    Neo Geo 2k2- Great Seller!

    I got the Japanese PS2 in PERFECT condition and it works well. Thanks! <IMG SRC="smilies/glee.gif" border="0">
  8. Jackal

    Time Crisis II coming on 11/1

    I spoke with the manager at a local video game store, and he said TC II is coming on November 1. It's gonna rock... Vampire Night sounds like it'd be good. If Crisis Zone follows sometime later, Namco will score quite a hat trick.
  9. Jackal

    Gas prices as high as $6.50... FUCK!

    I've seen some gas stations in my town now raising prices to $6.50 a gallon. Out-fuckin-rageous. I topped out my tank earlier, and got some 92-grade for $1.73. Ooh, this REALLY stinks. <IMG SRC="smilies/mad.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/mad.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/mad.gif"...
  10. Jackal

    Throw 'em overboard?

    Ahoy there mateys! This auction looks a little fishy to me. Arcade type games? Emulators? Hrmmm... well, here's a quote from the auction: And here are another few that probably should walk the plank...
  11. Jackal

    Konami: Police 911

    I played a kickass game at GameWorks today from Konami- Police 911. It's a bit like Time Crisis except you're on a mat and the game uses motion sensors to read your position. When the bullets are coming, you either sway or crouch (or both). Swaying can also help you get a better view of a...
  12. Jackal

    A game I'd have liked to see.

    One thing that would rule is a "King Of Fighters: Dream Match Returns" title. It should be based off of the KOF'98 system with all the characters from '94-2000, but also be a separate entry from the main KOF series (as Namco did with their DM game Tekken Tag Tournament). Personally, there are...
  13. Jackal

    Recent purchases on eBay of Neo stuff?

    I just bought a Neo-Geo Metal Slug X MVS cart from Aslan11 on eBay. I've heard good stuff about this guy (no current complaints), and thought that $105 was a good price for it. He replied that he'd get it sent out Monday or Tuesday.
  14. Jackal

    MV-1B fix?

    Jeff, I have one of those MV-1B boards that is for the Irritating Maze only (it's got that Saurus bios). From discussion on the other boards here, I realize there is a fix for that. How much would it cost to do this? Jackal