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  1. chimpmeister

    Fantastic XB360 Carrying Case!

    I was looking for a good carrying case for my XB360, and found an interesting alternative to the cases specifically made for the X360. Usually the customized cases for new consoles are disappointing to me, so I thought I'd look for an alternative that wasn't made specifically for the X360. I...
  2. chimpmeister

    Analysts expecting flat 360 Japanese debut

    From Gamespot 12/7/05: Fortunately the U.S. and European launches were better, cause it looks to bomb out in Japan when it launches! :crying:
  3. chimpmeister

    Anyone ever played Heli Attack 3?

    From the miniclip games site . . . the latest Heli Attack is a fun little shooter, once you get used to the mouse/keyboard controls. Found at: Heli Attack 3 is in their top 10 now and is much better than the previous versions, which could be frustrating.
  4. chimpmeister

    Midway Arcade Treasures 3 out today

    Just picked up a copy from Gamestop, so I haven't had a chance to play it yet. But I'm really looking forward to some of the games, like Hydro Thunder, SF Rush 2049 and The Rock, and a few others. Too bad they didn't put Off Road Challenge on this compilation, it was one of my favorite racers...
  5. chimpmeister

    R-Type Final $5 New at TRU

    Pretty cheap. Probably 99% of the people here who want it have it, but if you don't, its hard to beat $5 for this game brand new! There are some other green-tagged games that are 50% off but not much exciting. Most were 19.99 then 50% off, but a few were 9.99 like R-Type Final.
  6. chimpmeister

    Gameboy Micro to cost $100 Wow what a great deal! :kekeke: :oh_no:
  7. chimpmeister

    Why isn't anyone talking about Nanostray DS?

    Everybody was going on and on about this game for a while, and it came out almost two weeks ago . . . but no one has said anything about it. Did anyone even bother to buy it? Gamespot gave it a 6.5 rating, rated higher for graphics and sound (8) but 6s for all the other categories (gameplay...
  8. chimpmeister

    Burnout 3 for PS2/XBox, on sale at Target for $15 this week!

    Great deal for a great racing game! :drool_2:
  9. chimpmeister

    Burnout 3 Price Reduction @ Target

    Down to $19.99 for both the XBox and PS2 versions. Nice price for a great arcade-style racing game! :D
  10. chimpmeister

    Nintendo Revolution Controllers to be DS-style touch screens?

    From Gamespot, rumor that the "Revolution" controllers will have no analog stick or shoulder buttons (WTF?): If this is true I think they're done for good . . . :oh_no:
  11. chimpmeister

    Pelican Power Brick for PSP

    Anyone pick this up yet? I have one which is charged and ready, but haven't had a need to use it yet. Only $20 for a small thin unit (about 2 1/2" square and about 1/2" thick). Supposed to be able to be charged up, then can recharge the PSP 2 times from one charge of its own, or can be used...
  12. chimpmeister

    Untold Legends PSP

    Anyone heard about this action/RPG game that is supposed to be a PSP launch title? Sounds like it is similar to the Baldurs Gate and Champions of Norrath action/RPG titles that came out on the PS2 and XBox, and I'm really into this style of game right...
  13. chimpmeister

    Heavy Weapon - Fun little PC action game

    Here: Nothing too complicated, but a fun to play little action game where you control a tank at the bottom of the screen, and fire missiles, lasers, and nukes at all kinds of incoming attacking enemies (jets, missiles, helicopters...
  14. chimpmeister

    Any info about Trizeal?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere, but anyone heard anything about Trizeal? Coming to DC very soon . . . same company that did XII Stag...
  15. chimpmeister

    Lots of shooter arcade pcbs for sale!

    PRICES LOWERED!! All games are vertical jamma shooters unless otherwise stated. 1) Task Force Harrier -- UPL, s/n 025832 $20 2) Twin Cobra -- non-jamma, s/n C11303 $20 3) Ajax -- Konami, cool early shooter with interesting scaling effects, s/n 086109 $40 SOLD 4) MERCS -- Capcom CPS1...
  16. chimpmeister

    WOW! Chinese version of Metal Slug 1-5 for PC!!!

    Comes on a rare BLACK DISC!!1!1!! :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke:
  17. chimpmeister

    Castlevania: LOI for PS2, $7.98 at TRU

    Just saw this today, LOI was tagged with a reduced price sticker @ 9.99 but it rang up at only $7.98 at Toys R Us. In case anyone didn't get this yet, its hard to pass up for $8!! :shame:
  18. chimpmeister

    Anyone own the Neo Fami?

    This: Pretty damn cheap @ $30 for a new NES system, and with better video outputs than the original. Anyone own one? Just curious about whether its worth it or not. :eye: :eye:
  19. chimpmeister

    PSOne drying up (discontinued)?

    Seems like the slimline PSOne's are disappearing, and I hear mixed answers about whether Sony has stopped production on them or not. Before Christmas, I saw plenty of the combo packs around (bundle of system + LCD screen), and now PSOne's seem to be gone from everywhere (BB, Target, CC...
  20. chimpmeister

    Halo 2 $35 @ Circuit City this week

    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is $35 too. H2 is $40 @ Best Buy, not quite as good. Just FYI, to anyone who didn't buy it yet (which is probably almost no one here who was already planning on getting it, though I held off until now). :)