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  1. fluxcore

    MV1FS click of death, but diag bios all OK?

    I recently received an MVS MV1FS 'cartridge holder' (great term used by the auction seller) in non-working state, the battery started a little bit of corrosion but the board itself is in pretty good condition. I've tested most of the points around the battery area and haven't found anything...
  2. fluxcore

    MV1AX no sound problem

    Hi guys, recently my mv1ax board gave up the aural ghost. I plugged a cart in, the only noise that was produced was a loud, constant hiss, and then when I tried reseating the cart it has been silent since. Graphics are fine. The hardware test mode sound test produces no output either. I have...
  3. fluxcore

    AES stick springs? (also cart slot screws?)

    I Recently picked up an AES with two sticks, one noticeably looser than the other. Turns out it's entirely missing the spring. Anyone know where replacements can be found? I've seen plenty of mention of replacing them, but not what with. One thing I know for sure is that the Seimitsu ls-32...