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  1. lions3

    WTB MOTW or Viewpoint MVS

    Hey guys just thought I would see if anyone had a loose MVS cart of Viewpoint or MOTW. Label or case quality doesn’t really matter. Just going to play.
  2. lions3

    FOUND a broken MV1 board

    Hey, was curious if anyone had a broken MV-1 motherboard. It's the large 1 slot with the metal top tray for the cart. It's the one board (I believe) that I haven't designed acrylic plates for. It doesn't need to be pretty. Just needs all the parts to be there so I can measure it. I'll cover...
  3. lions3

    FS: RGB TurboGrafx-16 and NEOGEO CD plus others

    Hey guys have a few things I was thinking of selling. Prices should be reasonable, but if i'm off just let me know. RGB modded Turbografx-16 - Gamer condition - $125 shipped SOLD Rescued this from a local game shop. RF was broken so I removed and replaced with a Genesis2 plug for RGB and RCA...
  4. lions3

    HELP - WTB - Plastic top for a MV1F or MV1FS

    Hey guys i'm looking for a replacement plastic shield for a MV1F motherboard. The black part for holding a side loaded game cart. I'm pretty sure this piece is interchangeable across a few versions of the 1 slot. Someone sent me a MV1F to measure for acrylic plates, but USPS decided to play...
  5. lions3

    Custom NEOSD shell

    Hey guys, been busy on a few new projects. If you've been following me on Instagram you probably already seen some. Unofficial NEOSD shell Replacement CPS2 black plugs...
  6. lions3

    Destiny 2

    What system you going to play on? I'm debating PS4 vs PC. I'm assuming PS4 will continue to have the largest user base. But with locked in 30 fps. While PC will have unlocked frame rate. Plus hosted on instead of Steam. Hmmm..decisions decisions.
  7. lions3

    Shipping stuff US and International

    <itch to scratch> Since there's a sales thread that got sidetracked about shipping items. I thought I would drop a note here. (Yes and probably be ignored) I want to give some random simple advice. Some I was given on the forum. The rest my stubborn ass finally figured out. (This is what I do...
  8. lions3

    FOUND AV Famicom

    Anyone have an AV Famicom they aren't using? Looking to spend around $70. Bonus if you have the NES adapter. FOUND. Ended up scooping one for $75 + shipping on ebay.
  9. lions3 Handheld - White Elephant Raffle

    ****************************************** Winner: Poppy ****************************************** 1 Boxed will be raffled to the LUCKY winner on October 14th. Post in this thread to add your name to raffle. No Private Messages. Keep it in the thread. Winner owes 1 YouTube Video...
  10. lions3

    FS: PSPGO + cradle

    White pspgo in good shape. Box is beat up but I think it has all the manuals, cd, etc. The screen has two very tiny marks on it. You have to really look to see them. Comes with custom firmware pre-installed. Sorry, no games. $100 shipped SOLD Includes: System w/ 16gb internal storage Charging...
  11. lions3 - Custom 3d printed and laser cut parts

    A few have already seen it. I appreciate the feedback. My store is live and i'm currently selling a couple things. More will be coming very soon. If you keep an eye on my Instagram account ( ) you'll see some of my upcoming projects. Currently...
  12. lions3


    Did I miss some announcement or something? I had no idea this was coming out on Steam. Enjoy:
  13. lions3

    PGM Revisions - 2 sizes?

    Anyone familiar with PGM? I'm working on a base acrylic plate and I received two different measurements. Are there really 2 different sized boards for the PGM? I wasn't aware of any size difference between revisions. I have one that's around 10 x 7.3 inches and another that's 9.75 x 9 inches. ????
  14. lions3

    WTB: Biomotor Unitron NGPC

    Looking for a loose cart in gamer condition. Hopefully something at a reasonable price :P Multiple people talked about loving this game. So thought I would give it a shot. Going out of town in a couple weeks and thought this might be something fun to take along.
  15. lions3

    Pre-Order: Acrylic bases and tops for MVS systems

    UPDATE: 5/7: Assembly Overview Warning! *This is acrylic and plastic. Hands and screwdriver ONLY. Use power tools and something will break or strip. *The plastic wrapping the acrylic may (will) cause a charge. Touch something metal that's not your MVS before you start handling the system...
  16. lions3

    Interest Check: Custom HuCard CD case inserts

    **UPDATE: Need a few more testers. PM if you want a free one to review** Any Turbo/PCE peeps around? Have any loose HuCards? Would you have interest in a CD case with a 3d printed insert? I was thinking about 3d printing a small batch of these. Total number based solely on however many extra...
  17. lions3

    Thread killer!!

    Are you the one? Did you do it!? Is your comments so deadly that a thread just dies? Is it awesome skills or just stupidity? ...wait. Did I kill this thread already?
  18. lions3

    WTB: NGPC system

    **** FOUND **** Anyone have an extra NGPC they're willing to sell? Hopefully one that's in decent shape. Without a scratched up screen. Would prefer either the carbon fiber or light silver color.. but if the price is right i'm open to the other colors.
  19. lions3

    First games to buy for a NGPC?

    Hehehe... with all the recent polls I figured I would beat PolluxTroy to a topic (yes yes, i'm sure it's been brought up in the past elsewhere on the forum). Sorry PolluxTroy, i'm not making this a poll though. I'm a noob to NGPC. Yes other than holding a friend's system i'm a complete virgin...
  20. lions3

    Majora's mask audio CD and GBA flash cart

    Was going through a box and found a couple things I don't need. ***SOLD*** Zelda Majora's Mask Audio CD (still sealed) - $22 shipped US ***SOLD*** EZ-Flash IV cart - includes 1GB sd card (blank). Originally purchased to play Mother 3 english fan translation. - $30 shipped US