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  1. terry.330

    Does anyone actually use these new online banking companies?

    I see ads for these things all the time. I have no interest in using one but I assume people must since they're popping up left and right. I don't like my bank but at least I can go in and talk to an actual person if I have an issue. They don't offer anything a normal bank doesn't aside from...
  2. terry.330

    FS: GB Pocket Backlit, GB Everdrive and Super GB

    Shipping only in the US included. Everything is in excellent condition. -Gameboy Pocket- Backlit with basic screen from Handheld Legends(not the newer IPS), new screen cover and buttons includes box + manual $95 -Everdrive GB $70 -Super Gameboy (SFC) $15 Take it all for $170 shipped...
  3. terry.330

    WTTF Vert Shmups

    I'm looking for something new to play. Nothing fancy but just a solid fun shmup. But must be vert. Looking for like Strikers 1945 II, Raiden 2 etc. stuff in that value range. Want to keep it within the US. I got the following for trade: -Aero Fighters -Sky Shark -Devastators -Mercs (would...
  4. terry.330

    RIP To the Metal Faced Villain

    MF Doom died on oct. 31st his wife just announced today. He was 49. Fuck 2020 right in the ass.
  5. terry.330

    FS: Sega Wondermega

    This is the Sega HWM-5010 model includes original controller, PSU, AV/s-video cables and demo disc. In excellent condition. I'd give it an 8/10 overall. Scuffs in picture look worse due to lighting. $850.00 shipped in the US. I'll ship it via USPS,UPS or FedEx depending on what you want since...
  6. terry.330

    FS: Gamer condition FFS and SS2 JPN Home carts

    $65 shipped for both in the US. They're complete, I'd give them a 5.5/10 conservatively I'm not gonna take a pic or open the carts. But I can throw a football over a mountain.
  7. terry.330

    So uhhh apparently I bought a Switch Lite

    Fairly certain I was high as a kite at about 5am. Anywho recommend me some games. Not fucking Animal Crossing.
  8. terry.330

    FS: Sam Spirits II AES

    It's 6.5/10 complete and the bottom shell is not cracked. US only. $40 wing wangs. You just have to complete this quote. Wut it look like when I wipe off my sweat...
  9. terry.330

    HBD to Reel Gay

    Hope you got yourself a new Yakface slabbed.
  10. terry.330

    Following in Taiso footsteps

    I'm doing a giveaway. For one Macho Man Randy Savage Hawaiian shirt. Shipped in the US. It's a size Large so not for fatty fat fats. I will also include custom art and some stickers. Noobs can...
  11. terry.330

    Sam Spirits 2 AES

    NVM put it in and played it. It's still awesome.
  12. terry.330

    Odd question

    I didn't want to put this in the market forum since it it's not a WTB of FS. Nor creative since no one would see it. As some of you may know I paint and draw and I recently started messing around with resin coating. Which is where you basically coat art or objects with thick transparent resin...
  13. terry.330

    Ecig and Vaping Drama

    On social media and the various news outlets have been going on about this. It's legit. I tried it and made sure to get decent liquid but didn't care for it. My nephew who is 16 and I've never seen smoke anything or vape. Shit the most I've seen him do is drink a wine cooler on vacation is in...
  14. terry.330

    Have you guys ever been to a salon brunch

    A friend of the family who is a media big wig invited me and I'm supposed to read October themed poetry and drink mimosas. Pretty sure I can't just get a little high and regale these women with tales of KOF matches and the history of Air Jordans. I think I might be in over my head and I'm pretty...
  15. terry.330

    WTB: JNP AES Carts

  16. terry.330

    Had to put down a puppers the other day.

    She had 13 good years but her sight and hip went so she's chasing squirrels in the sky now.
  17. terry.330

    So I looked up one of my old HS friends and found this This shit is fucking bonkers. I used to hang out with these people everyday before they bought that monstrosity. I would pick their son up in a canoe across my backyard and play Metal Slug and skateboard.
  18. terry.330


    Any of you chucklekfucks have it? I spent more time than I can count in a machine shop and I can't sleep because of the constant whining in my left ear. It's just a constant hiss. I have to listen to music or play a movie to drown it out. When it gets really bad it causes vertigo.
  19. terry.330

    WTB PGM Mobo

    ssia Just need a good functioning PGM to play my bootleg shooties. I'm in Ohio and am looking for something within the US. No carts, no art (unless you wanna toss some in) etc.
  20. terry.330

    WTB Japanese PS2 games

    I sold my collection when things were rough, want to get some back. Neo Contra Contra Shattered Soldier God Hand Outrun2 if it's not crazy expensive