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  1. DuffCon

    FS/FT: Neo Geo MVS MV-2-19 aka “Goldie” SF bay area

    ***traded locally For a PC-10 dedicated*** Bar/Lounge/Waiting room market, it's woodgrain vinyl look is a bit of a throwback to 80s cabaret cabs. The idea is that the cab would blend into areas that were not traditionally locations for arcades. The "Goldie" as the Neo-Geo crowd dubbed it, is...
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    2 slot video ram error

    Gents, I have a new to me 2 slot board with the following ram error: address write read 00000c1d 5555 5455 from reading here I believe this is the cxk5814p chips near LSPC-A0. But I wanted to confirm with experts thank you!
  3. DuffCon

    161 in 1 version 2?

    Seen this pop up on eBay: Anyone tried it? Improvements? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The cleanest MV-1FZ and other parts

    Cleaning up old projects. I have a MV1-FZ board for sale. This one might have been NOS, as it came in the original box with instructions and it is the cleanest PCB I have ever seen. It’s a nice compact board and perfect for a 161 cart setup, you can have a very functional MVS multi on the...
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    Memory card causing MVS to short out?

    I just bought this memory card: When I insert it into my MV-IC it the MVS makes a ticking sound and the led on the card flashes in sync with the credit LEDs and sound. I’m not sure...
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    Puzzle bobble, possible factory conversion?

    Got this in a MVS, label looked booty. Board numbers say this started life as a 3 count bought. EPROMs and conversion boards seem like a lot of work for a boot, maybe a factory conversion? Note that I put the electric tape on, the windows were originally covered by paper tape. Sent from...
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    MV-1FZ Blue "bar" flashing issue

    **edit** **I tossed in another Jamma Board and it does the same thing, this has to be a monitor issue, i'll pursue that route** Hi, i'll try to get a vid of this later but i've noticed an odd issue with my MVS. I first noticed this with the 161 cart, but it also happens with a legit SamSho2...
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    Odd 161 in 1 issue

    Hi, So I recently sourced a MV-1FZ board and a 161 cart. I previously had a MV-1 with a 161 cart and had no issues. Just vanilla bios for now. The 1FZ board seems to be in great shape, it was stored in a box on a shelf and came to me very clean and tidy. No battery issues, in fact the board...
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    Chinese reclaimed MVS boards

    I’ve notched a lot of MVS boards on eBay are from China, apparently reclaimed from cabs. Are these really bootlegs? Has anyone bought one? Any disadvantages of going with one of these vs a US source?
  10. DuffCon

    WTB: Capcom Big Blue (NorCal)

    Pretty simple, looking for a my personal unicorn, a Capcom big blue, hopefully in good condition. My preference of all the versions would be the tall marquee, two player version (think X-men vs. Streetfighter) Obviously a perfect example of a SF2CE would be worth a lot and out of my range; i'm...
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    Pandora's Box 3 - Works great, asking $85 shipped to lower 48

    I upgraded to the PB4 recently. My Pandora's box 3 is up for sale. It is fully functional. Manual included, last page was cut off, but re-attached (not a big deal, but full disclosure) This IS NOT the "bootleg" rebranded Game Elf 3's that are passed off as Pandoras Box that you will find on...