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    Sorry, guys....all items were sold as a lot.
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    Pulstar and the HRAP2 are sold.
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    Selling off all my PCBs etc. For anyone located in the Ottawa area, I'm willing to drop off items on weekends. I've been holding off shipping so far since Canada Post was on strike and is backlogged. I'd consider shipping some of the items if there was real interest. I realize that some of the...
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    GP2X Wiz: Less than a month away?

    I have an F200 but have pretty much given up on it after the latest HEN releases for the PSP have made it no-brains easy to "hack" and run emus on. I have my PSP slim as my main emu device now, although I think I need to wait for ChickHEN r3 for more a robust emu library. The battery situation...
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    FS/FT: PCBs Galore: Vendetta 2p, In the Hunt, Gate of Doom, DDragon II, et. al.

    For all of you maybe sitting on the fence about ordering from Dan, just go ahead and do it. Seriously one of the best transactions I've ever had online. He wasn't kidding when he said he puts a lot of effort into the packing. There were even dessicate packets in there!
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    CPS1 Suicide batteries...Mouser #?

    I want to keep it as close to original as possible. The only time I'll phoenix it is if it actually dies.
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    CPS1 Suicide batteries...Mouser #?

    Yea...thinking about it....may save half the trouble next time. I'll still need the helper battery though.
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    CPS1 Suicide batteries...Mouser #?

    So, I just bought Astrodan's Captain Commando board and I'm going to swap the suicide battery. If I'm ordering from Mouser, can anyone tell me which brand of battery would be best to throw on there? Yea, they have a million different 2032 varieties. I think the original one on there is a...
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    FS: Raiden DX PCB with US marqee SOLD

    I got a trade for ya. PM sent!
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    WTB> PSP slim

    There is a new(from last month) software-only TIFF exploit that works on most if not all motherboards and revisions. Google ChickHEN r2.
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    WayForward wants to resurrect Metroid 2D, Rygar, Milon, Karnov, more retro franchises

    Wayforward rocks. I really enjoyed Sigma Star Saga and Contra IV...when they're not handling shovelware, this dev studio is capable of making great 2D games. And as for another 2D Metroid? I think my sig pic says it all. Fusion(pt 4) was awesome and I've been patiently awaiting pt 5.
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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Same of my favorite PCBs. I love all the hidden bonus items.
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    A Boy and His Blob: THE WII SEQUEL

    That is some beautiful art direction. What a sin that the best we'll get out of it is 480p.
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    FA: Dreamcast+iMac+LCD= iCast! - Ending today!

    Damn, that's some nice work.
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    Sony reduces lifespan estimate of PS3 - The 10-year plan scrapped

    There are plenty of articles on the web right now talking about the rumored $100 price drop...cnet just did a piece on it, saying we very well may see one in april. That right there would probably be the clincher for me. I was actually debating buying one this weekend, as I have some spare...
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    What are the best horizontal Jamma shooters?

    I paid around $150 for it...maybe a bit less. I figured I might never see another one for sale in the foreseeable future, so I pounced. Awesome PCB...not really worth a hell of a lot, but one of my favorite boards simply because you never see it for sale. It looks awesome run through an...
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    Capcom cps1 problems

    As far as compatibility between boards goes, I use this handy chart: If you scroll down to the bottom they have a couple lines explaining C board swapping and the chart itself shows which games carry which board revision.
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    What are the best horizontal Jamma shooters?

    I got myself a Metal Black PCB recently...damn, I love that game. No complex scoring system or anything, and the gameplay is not very deep...but the bosses and atmosphere are amazing. Definitely one of my favorite horizontal shooters, although I'm sure a bunch of people will disagree.
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    Unopened Dracula X - Now open

    He should just go ahead and do this either way, assuming he doesn't already have it. That's a great collection of games, and the remake is actually pretty well done.
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    Unopened Dracula X - Now open

    Can you even be really certain that's the original wrap? Lots of re-seals floating around out there. I would just open it.