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    [eBay] Nintendo NES (new 72 pin) with 11 games, 9 plastic cases, and accessories.

    Haven't been posting here much lately, but I thought that some here might be interested in this. The games are as follows: - Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) - Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt - Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Double Dragon - Wrath of the...
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    FS: 5 Japanese/Asian PlayStation 2 Games

    Hi, everyone. I have five PlayStation 2 games and four NGPC games for sale. Shipping is included for addresses in the United States only. I am willing to ship just about anywhere, but extra shipping will be required for non-US members. If you have any questions, please send me a PM or e-mail me...
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    Had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out this morning...

    Well, I guess I'm glad that's over with. I went in around 9:00 AM and was pretty nervous, seeing as I've never had any other surgery before. They gave me some "laughing gas" which didn't really do a whole lot, and then stuck in the IV. The nurse gave me some kind of steroid that caused this...
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    My thoughts on Virtual Console.

    I've had my Wii for a week or two now and have been enjoying Zelda and Wii Sports off and on. Then I remembered that other thing about the Wii that I had been looking forward to, the Virtual Console. I was pretty eager to try it out, so I put in my debit card information and went to buy Super...
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    FA: PSone system, swap disc, and five games. Thanks for looking.
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    What happened to the HDD space on my Xbox 360?

    The hard drive says it contains 20 GB. Now, I know that hard drives actually have a slightly lower capacity than what is advertised (though I don't know how they get away with this), but this is puzzling me. My hard drive currently has 10.7 GB of free space. Looking at the memory manager, I only...
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    Will a Japanese remote allow me to play Region 2 DVDs on my American Xbox?

    I was looking at the listing for the original Xbox remote on Amazon (because I was thinking about selling mine) and a review mentioned that the DVD region is tied to the remote. So, if I were to buy a Japanese remote for the original Xbox (like the one here, would I be able to play Japanese...
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    Merry Christmas: Here's some Play-Asia coupons.

    I don't think that I'll be able to use these before they expire, so anyone who wants them can have them. Just please post here to let other people know when you've used one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PQ-MKF-OVI (Get US$10 off a...
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    Neon Sonic's Free Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!

    This stuff isn't really worth selling on eBay or Amazon, so I'm giving them away here. U.S. Members: Send $2 for one game ($3 for two games) to my PayPal account ( for shipping. I'll send these out First Class Mail. International members are also welcome, but you'll have to...
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    [FA] Many games and accessories for sale on eBay!

    I have next to no cash, so I'm selling some things on eBay. All items are complete and mint unless otherwise marked. So far, I've listed: PlayStation 2 Galerians: Ash Alien Hominid Phantom Brave (Special Edition) Castle Shikigami 2 (aka Shikigami no Shiro 2) Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (Import -...
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    Highest quality video output available for each console?

    I'm probably going to be investing in a (cheap) HD-compatible TV soon, so I'm actually starting to be somewhat concerned about how my games will look. So, what is the highest quality video output available for each console? Also, what's the bare minimum type of cable required to get full HD...
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    FA: ShadowBlade Arcade Stick for PSX/PS2 by InterAct

    --- Edit: Please refer to this thread. ---
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    My Dreamcast seems to be dying.

    Well, I fired up the old Dreamcast today after not having touched it in over a year. Played some games and was having fun with Typing of the Dead when it froze at a loading screen. I turned the console off and back on again and now it goes straight to the system menu screen every time. I've had...
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    A quick request for Japanese-speaking members

    I'm making a custom DVD insert for Melty Blood Re-ACT (Final Tuned) and I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind translating the following phrases into Japanese: Featuring characters from the TSUKIHIME [月姫] universe! Includes both acclaimed games! [or something to that effect] Thanks in...
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    Game Sale (PS2, GC, Xbox, DC, PSX) + FREE* items!

    Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (PS2) - $10 Complete, mint, like new Galerians: Ash (PS2) - $8 Complete, mint, like new Viewtiful Joe (GC - NOT Player's Choice) - $10 Complete, mint, like new The Simpson's Road Rage (Xbox - Platinum Hits) - $7 Complete, mint, like new Time Stalkers (DC) - $8 Complete...
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    The Post-Your-Desktop Thread. No, your other desktop.

    It's been a while since we've had one of these. So, in this thread we post our computer desk areas. Here's my humble computing station:
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    Do you smoke? (Serious poll)

    I know this has been done before, but why the hell not. Me, I'm an occasional smoker, mainly just when I'm feeling stressed out. I rarely smoke more than once a week, but even with that I'm starting to seriously question the logic of using it as a coping mechanism in light of general common sense.
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    My (Non-Neo-Geo) Box Art Thread

    I recently learned of a certain website called (cleverly enough) Video Game Box Art. Basically, people post lame parodies and occasionally cool, unofficial boxart. Hopefully, my work is the latter. Crick here. Here's some wishful thinking.
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    Good Xbox-exclusive games of Japanese origin?

    For some reason, I'm feeling compelled to play Xbox games lately, but I'm not very impressed with most of the FPS and sports games from American companies. So, what are some good Xbox games I should into that are of Japanese origin? Import-only titles are fine, as well, though I don't have any...
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    [eBay/FS] Neon Genesis Evangelion - Volume 01 & Movie Collection

    Somebody please just buy these. I'm so sick of having them. If you want to buy this at the Buy-It-Now price and just avoid eBay entirely, I would be willing to pull the auction.