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    my bad dealings with Bild420

    ill tell my story regarding bild420. i enlisted bild420 to change the battery on my usa 3rd strike and reflash my japanese 3rd strike carts. this was on 3/07. he changed his stories different time saying he said he shipped it to japan then the following day he says he needs to ship it out...
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    Hawaii Meet Up?

    any Hawaii peeps want to have a meet-up? post here Hawaii residents and lets get one get together going. also go UH to get to BCS game!
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    no sound in cabinet

    i dismantled cabinet to clean it up a bit and now there is no sound. could anyone inform me on what i can do to fix the problem. thanks again in advance.
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    sale cancelled

    nothing here
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    WTB: Naomi Universal Cabinet

    The japanese version. If you know who has one for sale with little to know screen burn and complete with marquee etc, please email me at Will pay a finder's fee if u find one in working order with whats mentioned above. Thanks.
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    happ competition hole punch size?

    i want to make my own control panel with happ competition. what size do i need for happ competition buttons? thanks in advance for your help.