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    im back so tell me whats up!!!

    ok so its been a long 3yrs since i was last on T_T but alot of stuff happened and college is fun yet boring lol. ok well i was trying 2 sleep then i decided 2 pull out my ngpc and i waslike wtfwhen did i get sonic pocket adventure o_O. well just wondering how every1 is doing dan if ur reading...
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    100% free iPod

    http:/// click on the link above any questions ask them in this forum post your replys and thoughts if you join you can post your link in this forum
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    Somebody needs to start a petition asking SNK of America(Playmore) to release U.S. Versions of the following game and accessories Official SNK MP3 Player Dynamite Slugger The Last Blade- Beyond the Destiny Faselei Neo Baccarat Pocket Reversi Picture Puzzle Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton...