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    What is your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE fighting game? No BS.

    Let me tell you what I think is the best, KOF '98 UM. This game is just amazing. I know it is old and '98 is old, but guys, this game is fucking great. I don't know if I played regular '98 as much as some might have, but I play this on the reg. I'm really anticipating the release on steam...
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    For Sale 2x Neo Geo Stick 2 for PS2

    I have two of these bad boys. One is boxed and the other is not. Great condition, barely used. I will do $65 shipped for the one without the box, and $70 shipped for the one in the box. I will take pay pal. I gotta sell these by Tuesday of next week at the latest! So PM me, hurry! You can also...
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    Weekly round-up 03/11~03/17

    Nobody's made a weekly round up thread in a long time, guess I'll make one. I haven't been playing much this week, I wanted to play Vampire Resurrection this week, but I didn't order it until Thursday from Play-Asia. I wanted to have a physical copy so that's why I didn't just download it. PS3...
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    delete thread
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    Whitney Houston Lip Sync video from The Philippines

    Saw this today, thought it was worth sharing here. Enjoy.
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    I'll just get the home style chicken sandwich at McDonald's and add pickles if I crave it that bad. I used to like going there with my ex when we had one on campus at university. Oh well, fuck it, not healthy anyways. I hope they go out of business.
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    Darkstalkers 4: Vampire Resurrection

    Like I said in the EVO thread, I pretty much was expecting an official announcement. Today was the first day, so who knows if there'll be more info leaked or not. Either way, this is proof enough for me, and Ono's been trolling about it for a year+ now so...
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    Request to any members living in Japan - I need a place to crash :help:

    I came to Bangkok on March 7th and have just been hanging out working on my resume. I was planning to find a job here teaching ESL (I'm qualified), but I am not getting used to this environment. I taught English in Taiwan for a year and was fine, but it's dirty and scary here (not to mention...
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    Know of any game stores in Baltimore that will break street date? I want to get SFxT early

    I'll be flying out of BWI on March 5th and Street Fighter X Tekken comes out the following day. I'm going to Bangkok, so I'm not sure if the Japanese version, which I'm sure they'll have a few days after I arrive will work in my US Xbox 360 or not. If anyone knows of game stores around there...
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    2x Neo Fight Stick II's & Hori RAP S.A. (Sanwa Addition) - all for ps2

    You ought to know what these bad boys look like, check the links if you forget. They're all for ps2. Get at me. Neo Fight Stick II boxed - $75 shipped within the US/Canada Neo Fight...
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    Trying to find a laptop... for gaming... video editing, I want quad core or above.

    The last time I bought a computer was in 2003. I upgraded it's shitty celeron to a pentium II a few years ago. I also maxed out the ram to a whopping 2gbs. It's slow as shit, it is time to get a new laptop. Now that I've been researching new processors, I'm finding that it is very confusing. I...
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    二ノ国 - Ni no Kuni (That Studio Ghibli PS3 game)

    Here's a trailer. Looks amazing.
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    The King of Fighters XIII - Character Request Thread (for future DLC)

    I thought this would get more traffic if it's in Unrelated. So Atlas is going to listen to the KOF fans and they've made a thread about it here. Since is about as SNK/KOF crazy as it gets, I decided to start the thread as suggested...
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    Weekly Roundup ~ June 12

    psp SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
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    Weekly Roundup ~ June 5

    PS3 Fallout 3 (GOTY) inFamous - downloaded it since it's free, still not that interested in it. psp SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
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    Why do you get / did you get / stay married?

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    I want this 360 HRAP EX SE (Seimitsu parts), but I wanna put a cthulhu chip inside it too!

    I have no idea what I really need here or how to do this. I have no electronic/soldering/tinkering kind of skills whatsoever so I would want someone to help me with this project. Let me just explain what I want to do, I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but we'll see. I got an Xbox 360 for...
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    Neo Geo Station coming to PSN and psp. Probably why they released the Neo pad for PS3

    From neogaf... NEOGEO heads to PS3 and PSP December 22nd #1 SNK Playmore have announced NEOSTATION for PS3 and PSP. 20 titles will be available for PS3 and PSP on December 22nd in...
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    Free SNK games on xbox live if you have modern warfare 2...Hurry! via gaytaku "The Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has had a curious side effect on a handful of Live Arcade games. Infinity Ward's modern military shooter is unlocking the full...