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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    The only annoying thing about the card slot behind the vents, is that you can drop it inside the console if you're not careful and miss the spot. The status LED is placed in a way that should illuminate the right spot but it isn't the brightest thing in broad daylight. A way to prevent that...
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Confirming that the wiper FW should start at boot, no need to go in menus. If it doesn't start, then it's the bootloader not liking the SD card. The card used for the initial setup should work. If you can't remember which SD card you used or if you got your loader installed by someone else, I...
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    About the waiting list: People are still able to register, so your place in line may appear to go back in time as the overall count grows slowly. I admit it can be confusing. I didn't expect this project to blow up and thought that this waiting list system would work ok. If it can reassure...
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Confirming that the originally shown loading speeds are still possible. I've been struggling to make the loader work in a stable manner with the original speed for everyone, as I seem to own magic consoles which present none of the problems mentionned by other people. (I don't believe in magic...
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Short answer: It won't work at all with a Unibios installed. Long answer: It could be made to work with an installed Unibios but I'm afraid it would quickly become a mess. The loader dumps the console's BIOS to insert the menu, so that I don't have to distribute hacked up versions of the...
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader :) WSC is still on my list.
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    The NGPC video out was a quick test to see what it would take. Doing the video conversion to analog isn't too hard but fitting everything in the console, or making a full consolizer kit like the one for GBA with HDMI was going to be a lot of work. Because of other projects, that didn't happen...
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Still working through the waiting list. Everything is slowed down here (more than usual lol) but I'm still able to ship about ~30 kits per week. The next batch is currently held in quarantine in Germany.
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Plus proche de 40% que de 30%. On va se faire incendier si on continue en français :p
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    Hey zouzzz, Si si, mais le prix final aurait été à 3 chiffres. Baguette
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    NeoGeo CD SD Loader

    The last few units of the first hand-assembled batch are being sent right now. Everything is ready to go at the factory since mid february, had a slight supply delay which meant they couldn't start the run before Chinese new year. They're operating again now but due to the mighty bat-virus...
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    MV-1B Vertical lines graphical glitch

    Adding a vote for ZMC2 having dead inputs, already had some go out.
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    MVS 1A graphics issue

    Hello Can you check continuity between the "P" pins on the NEO-GRC chip ( at the bottom) to the cart slot ( ? Thinking about P23, P22, P21 and P20 in particular.
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    Neo-Geo Deck (Hotel Unit) bios dumped

    Thank you so much for sharing and spending time doing all this massimiliano ! Can the pictures and information be copied and hosted on the dev wiki ? All watermarks and credits would be kept, obviously. I think some Licenses are now supported, so if you want to add some restrictions it should...
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    MiSTer FPGA Neo Geo core

    I only do goats. They're noisy but easier to dispose of.
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    MV1-FZS - Vertical lines, glitched text and graphics

    Hey, Can you check that NEO-B1 pin 84 is connected to NEO-D0 pin 24, and that NEO-B1 pin 86 is connected to LSPC2-A2 pin 106 ?
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    MV1FZ strange sprites and backgrounds.

    Heyo, if you recently transported your system check that there are no bent or touching pins on the under side of both boards. If not, and if you have a beepy multimeter, check continuity between these: NEO-ZMC2 pin 50 -> NEO-D0 pin 27 NEO-ZMC2 pin 5 -> LSPC2-A2 pin 147 NEO-ZMC2 pin 7 -> LSPC2-A2...
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    Neogeo 6 Slot weirdness....

    If the problem doesn't come from the games and isn't solved by cleaning: I'm placing bets on some lines of the P bus being cut or stuck. Does the display change if you touch the pins of the chips on the left and right of the slot where the game is inserted ?
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    MV-1FZ weird problem (BIOS and BACKUP RAM ERROR)

    VRAM is only connected to LSPC, the connections correpond to the pin names.
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    MV-1FZ weird problem (BIOS and BACKUP RAM ERROR)

    Strange once again. The low VRAM is obviously good since the error text can be displayed. Maybe the writes are working but not the reads. Is the LSPOE trace ok between NEO-C1 and LSPC ?