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    CoinOp - 20 Blast City $485

    I saw that offer. I thought about starting a group buy on it, but I didn't think there was enough interest to fill the order.
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    WTB: Ikaruga Naomi GD-ROM and Mushihimesama PCB

    Hello, everybody. I am looking to buy the Naomi version of Ikaruga, as well as the Mushihimesama PCB. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know what your price is for it shipped to, or within, the US. Thank you.
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    WTB: Cheap Atomiswave cart

    ulalajko is a member here: RingoC.
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    WTB: Cheap Atomiswave cart

    I think Big Bear has a NeoWave cart he is selling for about $30 or so. That is the cheapest I have seen any AW cart go. You might see if he still has it. EDIT: I don't know if this is the thread. If so, it looks like he sold it.
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    Werejag came throough

    Because nobody wants a retaliatory negative feedback left for him in turn.
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    Werejag came throough

    How long has it been since you sent payment? If you don't have your item within 44 days of your sending payment, file a paypal dispute. (Paypal only gives you 45 days to file a dispute.) If you wait beyond that, and you don't see your item, you have nobody to blame but yourself.
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    Werejag came throough If you paid by paypal, file a paypal dispute.
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    We need more commercials like these in the US.

    This isn't so much a single commercial as it is a montage of 20 years of commercials aired in Australia. If you look at some of the commercials they have made, they are not limited to just DUI. They address speeding, reckless driving, failing to wear a seat belt, and other actions that...
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    We need more commercials like these in the US.

    A friend of mine shared this with me. I think it worth sharing with all of you. I Dare You To Watch It All The Way To The End Maybe you haven't see it. Perhaps you should. ~~~~~~~~~~ I should warn you about how graphic this video gets. It was put together by the Australian Transportation...
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    Newest vid of my arcade

    Steve, this is a very nice setup and tastefully done. BTW, where did you get that sign? I need to get one like it.
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    Recomend some shooters

    The two best shooters on the NES: Legendary Wings Dragon Spirit
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    Terminator Salvation

    Don't watch either one. They are both garbage. Want proof? Here:
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    What happened? How many jumps do you have? Are they all static line jumps? I don't think even if I got hurt skydiving, it would prevent me from jumping again (unless I died :p).
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    anyone know where N80G80 is??

    Glad to see you're ok and that it is being taken care of.
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    Can I get my name changed back to Yue (moon) or just cut to Yue?

    Why did it originally say "moon"? Is that the translation of Yue? Sorry if this has been posted previously. I am just curious.
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    FS: Rare and expensive AES / NGH carts PICS ADDED!

    Kizuna Encounter sold!
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    Can I get a thread rename?

    I don't think so. Unlike Digitpress, where you can pretty much edit a post indefinitely, on this site, members can only make edits for 30 days. After that, edits can only be made by mods.
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    SOLD: Taito Egret II Jacksonville, FL $800 obo (ship in US or Canada)

    Actually, it was like $210. There was a guy who bid like $180, but he only had 93% positive feedback, but the guy who bid $210 who had 100% positive feedback, so I went with him instead. I figured I'd pay $30 more for a guy who makes an effort to take care of the machine than someone with...