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  1. joecommando

    AES game display ideas?

    Looking for collection display ideas. Was wondering if anyone has a good solution for displaying AES games? I want to display my games with the front artwork on the case being clearly visible. I tried just putting them front facing on the shelf but they tip over so easily and I dont want to...
  2. joecommando

    WTB (mostly common) JP AES Carts

    since selling off all my arcade stuff im focusing on JP home carts. looking for the following mostly common/uncommon games (complete Japanese versions only) Baseball stars 2 Crossed swords Eightman King of the monsters 1 and 2 Last blade 2 Robo army
  3. joecommando

    CPS2 boards for sale / trade

    Selling off all my left over arcade stuff. moving in with the girlfriend and no room for arcades. Prices are shipped in the con US. Will consider trades for AES carts. If prices are off feel free to shoot me an offer. SF2XT grandmaster challenge JP on battery B board only $275 SFZ2 grey asia on...
  4. joecommando

    MVS carts for sale /trade

    selling off whats left of my MVS stuff. All original and cart only, in fully working order. Moving in with gilrfriend and getting rid of all my arcade stuff. (no room :( ) all prices are shipped in the con US. If my prices are off let me know, havent kept up much on current value. will consider...
  5. joecommando

    WTB Progear CPS2 *found*

    Hello all, Looking to buy an original working Progear no Arashi, Asia or Japan. Battery or phoenix is fine, I just don't want a conversion. I sold a really nice board a few years ago and I have always regretted it as I love this game. Only need a B board but if you want to sell as an A and B set...
  6. joecommando

    Got my cabs from Yaton, my experience.

    A couple months ago I ordered 2 astro city cabs from Yaton. I recieved the cabs a few days ago and they were well packed. They arrived in shipping crates and the cabs were wrapped in foam and bubble wrap, they were very well protected. They were definitely the cabs he promised me as shown in the...
  7. joecommando

    Any dippers here?

    What's your go to? I'm a Copenhagen wintergreen man myself
  8. joecommando

    *Updated* Assorted junk, CPS2, , DS, battle garrega..... Added Supergun

    Clearing out some stuff that doesnt get used enough these days. Prices include shipping in the continental US. If you think my prices are off feel free to shoot me an offer. Grey asia SFZero 2 A and B boards battery replaced in 2015 so could use a new one soon $220 AV famicom console, comes...
  9. joecommando

    WTB twinkle star sprites MVS *found*

    Looking for an original working cart. Don't care about the condition of cart or label. let me know what you've got :glee:
  10. joecommando

    just picked up a 2 slot cabinet

    Just bought a 2 slot cabinet that has some issues. First off the sound on the 2 slot board sounds like its only playing half the sound. When I plug my 1 slot board into the cab it sounds great, so that leads me to believe the problem is with the 2 slot board itself. Secondly the control panel...
  11. joecommando

    WTB Famicom Twin

    Looking for a decent condition famicom twin in full working order. If it already has an RGB mod even better. Looking for US/Canada sellers only so I dont get slaughtered on shipping. let me know what you've got, Thanks in advance.
  12. joecommando

    FS NES snes everdrives, PS4 and Xbone console mdcatz stick berserk manga DBZ collection...

    Off loading more stuff I dont use. Paypal only, prices are shipped in the US, dont like my price? make me on offer. PM me your email for pics im very busy these days. -BERSERK manga Volumes 1-37 of berserk these are 15 bucks a pop new. $400 for the lot thats $150 bucks off retail all in really...
  13. joecommando

    Huge arcade PCB sale cps1 cps2 konami... supergun added MVS bundle and AES sticks

    Hey guys need money for other things so the arcade stuff has got to go prices do not include shipping paypal gift or pay the fees. Pics available on request just PM me your email address and what you want pics of and I will reply when I can evenings are better for me. All boards are original and...
  14. joecommando

    Seattle retro gaming expo

    Hey guys, thought I would chime in and let people know im headed to the retro gaming expo in seattle today. Im gonna be there from 10 am to about 6 PM im wearing brown cargo shorts a black goku shirt with a US flag on the back and a seattle mariners hat. If anyone sees me please stop me and say...
  15. joecommando

    JNX not accepting anymore supergun orders?

    hey guys went to the JNX website cause I wanted to place an order for a 4 player custom supergun and it said james wasnt accepting any more super gun orders for the time being. Is it because he is too backed up? Cause I dont really mind waiting if thats the case. I just know I want james to...
  16. joecommando

    gonna be at dorky's august 1 in Tacoma washington

    Hey guys I know this is last minute but that's how I plan stuff. Me and a few of the homies are gonna be at dorky's this Saturday in Tacoma washington. Planning on being there from 12 noon to about 7-8 pm if any of you guys can make it down there would love to meet you. If you think you can come...
  17. joecommando

    *updated 8/8 *FS Genesis/Snes/Famicom/famicom disk/GCN/N64

    Hey guys selling a bunch of console stuff here. My games are mostly in good gamer condition if there is anything you want to see pics of please PM me your email and what kind of pics you want. You know the drill paypal gift or pay the 4% fee prices do NOT include Shipping. *Genesis games CIB*...
  18. joecommando

    I think i'm done with consoles.

    Hey guys, I have not touched a console game in months. These days I pretty much only play arcade games and I'm thinking of selling all my consoles and games as they just dont get used anymore. I dont know what happened just somewhere along the line I've lost interest in consoles. Maybe its cause...
  19. joecommando

    time for a cap kit? update FIXED

    Hey guys i picked up a mario bros arcade game yesterday and it was working perfectly and the picture was beautiful. Got it home and played for about an hour was working fine and all of a sudden the picture went wavy and distorted. I believe the monitors in these things is a sanyo 20EZV. So can...
  20. joecommando

    WTB Twinkle star sprites MVS cart

    Hey guys as the title says I am looking for a Legit (no boots) Twinkle Star Sprites MVS cart looking to pay $275 shipped. If you think my offer is low and your wanting a little more PM me and we will talk about it. Joe