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    3ds Flash cards for Ds Games

    In the beginning I was trying to get a freaky forms card. But after I read that the R4i plus was more readily available, I went with the latter option.
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    SOCAL shmupmeet/fighting games

    I would love to participate in a meetup.
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    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards: Dec 2017 run CLOSED

    I am also wring for a memory card.
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    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards - SOLD OUT!!!

    How long have you been in the hunt to get one?
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    NeoSaveMasta Memory Cards: Dec 2017 run CLOSED

    I am looking forward to buying a memory card.
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    FS: Omega Neo Geo CMVS Machine Console

    How much could this cost?
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    SF3: Third Strike Online Edition

    Which third strike version is a good one?
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    which gaming monitor do you use?

    The search for an ideal monitor seems endless. Ossc or framemeistera?
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    Wii U - Questions: Gamepad range, storage solutions, other

    The pal Wii seems to be very good with crts. You can get the rgb cable and go from there. I understand that the virtual console on Wii U are not so good.
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    Sonic Mania....

    I also don’t understand why one would want to run it thought a downgraded again. That’s what the RGB bob did. And this rig will cost you again hundreds of dollars. Hdmi to downgrader to pvm
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    New 2DSXL - help me not hate this thing

    Do you think the different types of displays would make a difference?
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    New 3ds early adopters thread

    Congratulations on your 3ds. Unfortunately there are different displays for the 3ds. It’s basically a lottery.
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    Let's have some Vita recommendations........

    Congratulations on the vita. Which one did you get the lcd or oled?
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    Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS)

    To me in purchasing the 3ds is it’s all about the screens. It’s a lottery is what I understand it to Be.
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    Sony PSP: Anyone try the Micro SD to Duo Adapters?

    I also use the duo adapter. It’s been working
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    Hyperkin gameboy pocket

    It looks to me that they are rolling it out.
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Thank you for making these awesome reviews. It’s definitely worthwhile for the community. Lemony vengeance just posted that YouTube is making it so tough on him just to generate some money. The threshold has been raised again by YouTube. They are again helping the big YouTubers.
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    Post a Pic of your CMVS, AES or Neo CD............

    The omega is a good system. Is it true stereo?
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    Hi Guys 🙂

    Welcome to the Gang! It’s just so satisfying buying these big two pcb huge cardtridges. Aes collecting is the pinnacle of console game collecting. Technically it’s an a race machine.