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    AES repro cart shells: Best way to cut holes in them?

    I made a custom cart as a personal project but want it in a repro cart shell instead of just bare PCBs, which means a cutout in the shell to expose a USB port/card slot/other things. The plan is a rectangular cutout marked in the photo. Any advice on how to do a reasonably clean job without too...
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    (Found, no longer looking) WTB: AES console only (no accessories, 9V AES-3-3 or newer)

    Looking for a "AES-3-3" or newer console, don’t need any accessories. It should be a 9V system and any except the original NEO-AES revision is OK. Would need shipping quotes to Australia if it’s overseas. Condition isn’t super important so if you have a beat up console that still works and can...
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    candies in Aus

    are there any Australian cab owners willing to share where they got theirs from? I know of only one distributor here and that is gamedude in QLD. I'm in NSW though and they are quite pricy already. There's wiki page on arcadeotaku that refers to one unnamed distributor in this country...
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    very odd neo cd drive problem

    What you see above is pretty much what I have to do to get this thing to reliably read and recognise discs. without it, it normally only recognises the music tracks and it gets DRE in games that do work. 0002 error always. WITH the strange setup, it works perfecltly. Quick to recognise and...
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    WTB: Magical Drop 3 MVS loose

    let me know the price posted here if interested. Aslong as the label is original and in decent shape. thanks.
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    WTB: Neo CD top loader

    this is for the debugging BIOS. can someone set us up with a decent deal on an unboxed system? no joypads required, but we do need a PSU. If the PSU can operate in 230-240V 50hz it's great, or if it can work at 110-120V then an ordinary stepdown might be all we need. don't know the specs of...
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    what can cause an intermittent calendar error?

    I recently got a cheap 4slot with a calendar error. That's all that seems to be wrong though because sometimes it boots into crosshatch successfully. Most of the time though I get stuck on green screen or it just displays calendar error. I replaced the original battery with a fresh one but it...
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    FS: NAM+cyber lip AES

    Played these plenty but no point keeping them if I already play them on MVS. English NAM - $22 (marked) JP Cyber Lip - $45 Both compete, no tray cracks on Cyber Lip, subtle cracks on NAM, price in USD. Payment through Paypal.
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    WTB: 2slot MVS

    I'm after either 2 slot board including metal cover but I don't care how ugly the cover is, aslong as it is there. Don't care for cosmetics and not looking to pay a premium as such. If it works that's cool. Name your price+postage if interested. depending on the price, might be interested in...
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    arcade-blazer / Romeo Cervi: SCAMMER

    EDIT: Apparently several people who ordered over a month after myself (who in all likelyhood are just fake accounts) are recieving items of the same type, I'll just add this in here: Romeo Cervi (arcade-blazer on Ebay) of UK, Edinburgh, (ex)student of the School of Mathematical and Computer...
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    WTB: cheap1/2slot

    yeah name your price + shipping. I'd like an MV-1F or a 2/4 slot. There's a pair on ebay but $100 for an MV-1? :eye::eye: don't care about cosmetics aslong as it works 100% Hoping someone else from aus happens to have one they want to unload on me but that's a long shot..
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    ATX PSU + supergun

    hey I'm considering grabbing a vogatek supergun and just playing it thru the s-video out, should look good enough right? Just have a quick question on the PSU: I can use any old PSU I assume, I am looking at a a cheap 200W one which puts out well over what a neo or any PCB i'll ever own will...
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    WTB: NAM home cart

    name your price + shipping, don't care about pics aslong as it's complete + doesn't look like a chew toy + price is within reason for me! JP / USA does not matter much to me. thanks.
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    help out a scrub! gaira in SS3

    been getting into it recently but one character just gives me hell. i'm shit vs a bunch of other characters but gaira consistently pisses all over me I don't know what the fuck. zankuro is easier to kill than him, I'm just scrubbin' away vs gaira and hoping for the best. I want to learn how...
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    questions about a beat up trinitron

    I was recently given a slightly older Sony Trinitron knowing that it had a bunch of issues. I don't know the first thing about CRT repair so these issues may be related to eachother I don't have a clue. any insight? -scanlines are all wavy and 'compressed'. like if a background is scrolling...
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    is samsho 2 mizuki fight glitched or what

    it's like the third time it's happened this time around, I wonder if something is wrong with my newer cart or they just never caught it back in testing? i've been playing it a ton recently and sometimes the game just bugs out after I get nailed with an attack (it was that ground portal thing...
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    who in Australia can work on a neo?

    my console hasn't crapped out yet but if/when it happens I really wouldn't try to fix it myself, no good with a soldering iron. I also consider getting a unibios socket installed and I can't do that myself either. Who is the guy who handles this sort of stuff in this country? yeah I really...
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    WTB: JP homecart system

    wanting a homecart system complete with AV hookup and 1 or two old style sticks, two is a bonus but not essential. If you don't have a 240V PSU that's not a big deal. if you have one name your price / serial # and shipping quote although if you're not in australia it's probably going to...
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    Who is the go-to guy for superguns now?

    hi. I have not much interest in putting more money into home carts so I considered getting a CMVS instead, but then decided I'd rather get a supergun because I'd rather pay a little bit extra for something more modular. Looks like I have to pay something around $250 USD for something decent...