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    FS: Puzzle de Pon R MVS

    Selling our copy of Puzzle de Pon R for the MVS. Please see picture below. Game is in nice condition and is a reliable player. $75 plus shipping. Please PM with questions or interest.
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    FS: Taito G-Net Motherboard with MODBIOS and Compact Flash

    Hey - this thing's still available. Now $100 plus shipping.
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    FS: Pearl Pink 3DS w/ games

    Picked this up for the wife at Christmas. She opened it on Christmas morning, played with it Christmas Day, and hasn't touched it since. Like new condition, comes with Mario Kart for the 3DS, Tetris Axis 3DS, and Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D. Also comes with a Princess Peach Bobblehead Stylus...
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    FS: Taito G-Net Motherboard with MODBIOS and Compact Flash

    Selling my G-Net motherboard with MODBIOS and Compact Flash. Comes with compact flash card, which stores and runs one game at a time (can also run some Arcade-PSX games). Board is refurbished and clean. Asking $175 plus actual shipping to you. Please PM with interest or questions. Thanks!
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    FS: Uncharted 3 PS3

    Still here.
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    FS: Uncharted 3 PS3

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    FS: Uncharted 3 PS3

    Uncharted 3, purchased new, game played, disc returned to case. $35 shipped in the US or best offer. PM me, thanks!
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    Wanted: Decent NES starter setup in MA

    I'm looking to put a bundle together of a working/reliable NES (front load with new connector or top load) with controllers and zapper, along with a stack of common but enjoyable games. Interested in hearing what you might have. Purchase or possible trade. Ideally looking for something in or...
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    FS in MA: Konami Windy Candy Cab

    Bumping this up from a FT to a FS thread. Someone in New England adopt this Windy.
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    FS in MA: Konami Windy Candy Cab

    Updating this from a FT to a FS thread. I've got a Windy in good, but not "restored" condition, for sale. I've only had the Windy for a few weeks, but I think I'd prefer something different. Pictures are available and I'll probably attach them tomorrow. Cabinet has all front doors, missing...
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    forza 4 anyone?

    In contrast, I'm interested in opinions from the perspective of a very casual player. Is it worth upgrading to Forza 4 when I already have Forza 3 and play it at a rate of maybe one race per month?
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    Anyone have experience with convergence strips?

    Thanks. For future generations, the number quoted above is the correct number at this time. I successfully placed an order yesterday.
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    Anyone have experience with convergence strips?

    Bump of an older thread. Has anyone attempted to order these recently? I've been calling the 708-290-2164 number off and on for a week, but have yet to reach an actual person. I only get a service guy's voicemail. Is there a new number or another contact available? Alternatively, as I'd...
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    Help with Konami Windy disassembly

    I just brought home a Windy and was planning to remove the front panel / control panel assembly section to fit the cabinet sideways through a doorway. I've removed four screws from each side, one screw underneath hood from each side, and even a few screws from the base behind the large front...
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    Wanted: Several MVS games in "gamer" condition

    Looking for the below to put in the kids' MVS cab. Can be beater carts, just want them to work. Thanks, Zupapa Bust A Move Nightmare in the Dark Twinkle Star Sprites Money Puzzle Exchanger Blazing Star Pulstar Magical Drop III Matrimelee Neo Mr. Do Panic Bomber Pochi & Nyaa
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    FS:NINJA COMBAT MVS cart 28 shipped!!

    Anyone interested: Jared (Allien133) has gotten locked out of his account after changing his email address and, for now, asks that you email him directly at allien133 'at' (please use @ in place of 'at').
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    The Neo Geo Society of Gentlemen Travelers: Gourmet Edition [The French Laundry + Cyrus]

    Can you provide any further description of the Alternate Dishes shown in the quick section of photos? It appears that they may be vegetarian?
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    FS: 3DS Super Monkey Ball, basically new

    Wife got a 3DS with a few games and it turns out Super Monkey Ball is not for her. Bought new, handled briefly, put on a shelf. Asking $30 shipped. Please PM with interest or questions.
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    FS/T:Naomi setup/PCB's/Aero Table/City parts - price droppage 3/23

    No kidding! I shipped it in from the midwest, then it spread all over New England. Lovely machine, though.